Saturday, 21 March 2009

A plethora of Lance-Watkins blogs, but whats missing?

The Common Man apologises for his long absence, but is once again in the UK and able to continue exposing the mad and the bad.

A brief look at the blogs operated by Mr Lance Watkins, whose convictions are more criminal than political, is quite illuminating.

caterpillarsandbutterflies - anti-UKIP
No2EU - anti-No2EU
LibertasUK - anti-Libertas
UK First Party - anti-UK First Party
Irish-Referendum - anti-No campaign

The contents of these are all pretty much the same. Slag off any members who dare put their heads above the parapet and disagree with him and accusing any party official of corruption, ignorance or stupidity if not all three. Proven liar..... desk...... nut-all...... delboy...... Meanwhile, anyone who is thrown out is a model of probity...... potential leader...... moral...... even when they've donated to the BNP in the past.

But what is missing from the list of anti-anti-EU parties above?

Can anyone see Mr Lance Watkins anti-BNP blog? Has anyone seen anything anti-BNP apart from a few comments here and there to keep up the pretence of being against them?

Does anyone not think it wierd that despite accusing UKIP, UKFP, No2EU, Libertas and everyone else of acting as 'recruiting sergeants for the BNP', he feels no need to bother with attacking the BNP?

Let us not forget that Mr Lance-Watkins is the man who tried to entrap UKIP and other eurosceptic activists into meeting with BNP leader Nick Griffin at one of his Huntsman weekends. Is it any coincidence that a pub called the Huntsman was the meeting point for a BNP fundraiser to be held at a hotel up the road earlier this month? Or that Mr Lance Watkins has described the BNP as 'just another patriotic party'?