Thursday, 23 December 2010

How much did naughty Mr Edwards cost the BNP?

The Common Man has today learnt several things about that naughty onanist Mr Andrew Edwards, BNP activist.

Rumours have been in the air for several weeks that Mr Edwards featured in the judgement in the copyright trial between Mark Croucher and Nick Griffin which ended recently. Mr Croucher has asked me not to, in his words, make a 'big song and dance about it', but some aspects were too good to resist. As the judgement is a matter of public record, the Common Man felt obliged to obtain a copy, and for his regular readers makes available some sections of it here which it is hoped do not constitute a big song and dance but rather a public service announcement.

Extracts from the judgement in Mark Croucher (plaintiff) v Nicholas Griffin (defendant), Welshpool County Court, 9th December 2010 09DA01428

"The court is satisfied that Mr Griffin had no personal knowledge of the use of the image posted on the BNP website by Andrew Edwards, who had unrestricted access to post articles ....On discovering the situation, Mr Griffin contacted Mr Kemp, who shared his opinion of Edwards as a loose cannon.... the use of clearly copyrighted material was consistent with the cavalier approach shown by Edwards...."

The Common Man will leave it there for now, but expects to have more information on Mr Edwards to share with the world later today regarding his forthcoming loss of internet service. Some may be aware that Ms Sinclaire, who featured heavily in yesterday evenings posting, passed on her default judgement to BNP activist Mr Edwards for him to circulate it widely. The same Ms Sinclaire who now sits in the non-aligned group in the European Parliament with the BNP, Front National, Jobbik, Vlaams Belang etc, and yet who abhors extremism.

Andrew Edwards yesterday, making the most of his last few days of internet access

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ms Sinclaire, and how she dare not sit down

The Common Man never ceases to be amused by the activities of Camp Sinclaire, and todays news is no exception.

Ms Sinclaire is claiming 'victory' in her sexual discrimination case against UKIP after winning a default judgement in her favour. "I'm very saddened by how this has all turned out" said Ms Sinclaire ecstatically afterwards, failing to add, "Thankfully, UKIP failed to file a defence in time, thereby putting off the day I am exposed as a money grabbing liar."

Ms Sinclaire (7' tall) explained that her case was built on Godfrey Bloom (5'3" tall) intimidating her by calling her 'a queer' as he passed her in a corridor, and confirmed that she had never previously described herself as 'queer and proud' at the gay hustings meeting she was arrested at in 2004, or at any other time when it may have been politically expedient to do so. The Common Man can only speculate why she was not intimidated by hobbit sized convicted felon Greg Lance Watkins constant stream of internet homophobia, which strangely stopped just as regular contact between him and Ms Sinclaire began.

She also complained about UKIPs membership of the EFD Group in the European Parliament because it contained, among other groups, the Italian Lega Nord. She said "You would not expect a black MEP to sit next to a Ku Klux Klan member so why would you expect me to sit next to someone who wanted me dead?"

Given her high turnover of staff, the Common Man can only assume she doesn't have a chair in her office or sit down when in the chamber of the European Parliament among her new colleages in the non aligned group, who include BNP MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. Perhaps it is the close links between Mr Brons and Ms Sinclaires political adviser, former NF and National Democrat member and candidate Gary Cartwright, which protect her there? Or is it the close links between pint sized reformed homophobe Mr Lance Watkins and BNP leader Mr Griffin? The Common Man loses track.

EFD Group has not commented on the case, as the judgement will be set aside at the next hearing in December. If they had, the Common Man assumes the person best placed to explain the rampant homophobia in EFD Group would be the groups flamboyantly homosexual secretary general, Emmanuel Bordez. If Mr Bordez was unavailable, one of the 6 other openly homosexual group staff would be happy to explain how they feared for their lives after being given senior jobs by people who wanted them dead because they are gay.

The Common Mans colleague Bob Pacific said sources in UKIP had confirmed that her claim was nonsense, and that it was bound to fail when the tribunal heard from people with considerably more experience of telling the truth than Ms Sinclaire.

Ms Sinclaire is currently the subject of an investigation into false expenses claims made since she became an MEP, and the Common Man understands her collar will shortly be felt by West Midlands Constabulary as the several OLAF investigations are now complete.

The Common Man is pleased to add the latest photograph of Ms Sinclaire, taken as she left the tribunal hearing, and clearly in festive mood. Ms Sinclaire is definitely not 'queer', just queer. And lesbian.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Andrew Edwards, BNP activist, naughty monkey and supporter of Ms Sinclaire

The Common Man has been made aware of the howls of protest which have emanated from Camp Sinclaire over an earlier posting which gave details of one of the OLAF complaints directed towards her.

The latest missive to arrive, from Mr Andrew Edwards, claims that Ms Sinclaire has been vindicated completely, and that the complaint is now closed.

In fact, the Common Man has learned that far from the matter being closed, it has actually been consolidated with two other existing complaints, both of which are currently with West Midlands police awaiting action. Expect to read news of Ms Sinclaires arrest in the near future for theft and false accounting.

Meanwhile, Mr Edwards is worthy of further investigation. When not masturbating like a gibbon in front of his computer, he is also a British National Party activist who was apparently summarily expelled from UKIP some years ago for his part in a plan to infiltrate UKIP ahead of the European elections in 2004.

The Common Man is pleased to attach below a photograph of Mr Edwards for future reference.It is believed that Mr Edwards had just finished a marathon session on his computer when the picture was taken.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Sinclaire's OLAF complaint

The Common Man has had rather more success in discovering the number of the OLAF investigation which Ms Sinclaire is facing than convicted thief Mr Lance Watkins, who has been proclaiming her innocence to the small number of people with the patience to read his drivel. Admittedly, it is only one of at least three current investigations, but we are sure that the other numbers will be forthcoming shortly.

The investigation number in question is OF/2010/0430. The email concerning this is attached below. This particular investigation is now close to completion, and this may account for the delay in Ms Sinclaire having her collar felt: at least one other investigation is already complete, and the file has been passed to West Midlands police. It can only be assumed that they are waiting for this one so as to arrest Ms Sinclaire for all of them at the same time. For sure, her days are numbered.


Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:14:28 +0200


Subject: OLAF file OF/2010/0430 in assessment


Recently you have contacted a memebr of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) informing about allegations involving a former MEP Nikki Sinclair.

Since I have been appointed to assess the available information, I would like to meet you in order to collect and/or clarify the information you dispose.

Therefore, please let me know if you are available for the above-mentioned meeting, if you live in Brussel or abroad. In case you cannot attend to the meeting, please inform me about the following issues:

the period (from - to) in which you used to work for the MEP Nikki Sinclair;
Where exactly you used to work for the same MEP (complete address, floor, office number, telephone number)
Who used to work with you (name of colleagues - respective phone numbers) or who else used to work for the MEP Nikki Sinclair;
How much used to be your salary when you used to work for the MEP Nikki Sinclair. In which form your salary used to be paid (cheque, liquid, bank transfers).

Thank you having contacted OLAF and I am klooking forward to hearing from you soon.

Giovanni ******* Investigator
European Commission
European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Directorate A
Unit A.1

Office : J30 5/56
Rue Joseph II, 30 B-1049 Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 2 *******
Gsm: +32 *********
Fax: +32 2 *******
E-mail: giovanni.*******
OLAF on EUTube

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"One standard bargepole"

News reaches the Common Man of some disgraceful goings on in Brussels. 7’8” tall Amazon Nikki Sinclaire has been victimised by 5’3” Godfrey Bloom to the extent that she has felt it necessary to make a formal complaint to the European Parliament.

Mr Sinclaire said that she had been ‘intimidated’ by the actions of Mr Bloom, and that he had made her feel sexually awkward: an accusation apparently made without irony, the Common Man understands.

Mr Sinclaire, who was arrested after gatecrashing a gay hustings and has frequently gone on record proclaiming her lesbianism, claims she was made to feel stupid, although the Common Man would venture to suggest that that was unconnected to her sexuality.

Mr Bloom meanwhile protests his innocence and the Common Man is reliably informed that he has at all times kept his distance from Mr Sinclaire. A distance of at least one standard bargepole.

Of more interest is what Camp Sinclaire hopes to gain by such an absurd accusation. With Mr Sinclaire shortly to have her collar felt over a long running expenses scam, could it be that she is seeking to create a smokescreen which will allow her to downplay the seriousness of the charges she is likely to face?

The Common Man understands that her comments to the Sunday Times have made her position worse. The basis of her thieving is that she claimed the mileage allowance for MEPs who drive to Brussels and Strasbourg, and instead went by public transport, pocketing a rather nice tax free sum in the process. Speaking to the Times, Ms Sinclaire claims to have done it ‘once, in error’. In fact she did this on at least 6 occasions. As if that was not bad enough, on one of these occasions when she was supposed to have driven, she had an official car meet her at the airport. It was already clear that intelligence was low on the agenda after her videotaped admissions earlier this year about how the withdrawal of the whip would ‘make her very rich’.

The Common Man has learnt that the OLAF investigation is now close to complete, and a file is being prepared for West Midlands police, who will shortly be arresting her: the situation is such that discussions have been held between the police and the CPS over timings and charges. UKIP, meanwhile, are preparing her likely replacement: unlike Ashley Mote, Ms Sinclaire is under 70 and therefore is likely to face a custodial sentence not dissimilar to Tom Wise.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Honeymonster

The Honeymonster

There was a tap tap tap at the window
A rap rap rap at the door
Late in the night I pondered
The ghastly fate in store
Terrors in the night clawed my bowels
Jelly replaced my knees
A nightmare of great proportion
Not the result of cheese
Seven feet high it stood
Lurking by the stairwell door
A disproportionate being
And no it was not Lenore
Again today I was haunted
Am I going mad?
The door swung widely open
As I peered inside my cab
The Honeymonster Lurked therein
Exposed to her baleful glare,
All I could do, wet with fright
Was simply stand and stare
What loathsome beast is this,
Which makes my manhood leak
Genderless and quite malign
An awesome circus freak
And lo behind it lurks a dwarf
In intellect not body
Not in the lift nor on the stairs
With such as these do tarry
This nasty piece of work they say
Goes by the name of Gary
Then leave them to their twilight world
In four years time ther'e gone
The only question then will be
What were they running on?
but stay, who's joined the duo?
What's come to pass?
Swivel eyed loony Mike Natrarse.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

£500,000 in profit? Nikki Sinclaire explains how.

Many thanks are due to yet another source, who had provided this audio recording of Nikki Sinclaire explaining how she will recover from her bankruptcy with help from European taxpayers.

See it on youtube at

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More from Camp Sinclaire

The Common Man has received a copy of a letter from John Ison, Solihull and Meridan branch chairman of UKIP which throws further light on Sinclaires activities. It was sent to all members of that branch.

26th April 2010
UKIP Solihull and Meriden Branch
Since January, UKIP has faced a rather turbulent time in the West Midlands mainly due to the issues surrounding Nikki Sinclaire. You will recall that following Ms Sinclaire’s decision to leave the EFD Group in the European Parliament she was suspended as the UKIP candidate for Meriden. You will no doubt have had a communication from Ms Sinclaire regarding her point of view but I am unable to comment further as I understand Ms Sinclaire is now taking UKIP to court.
However what I can say is this. I worked for Nikki Sinclaire for just over 6 months and during this time I was disappointed to see how Ms Sinclaire purported to represent the electorate. Indeed, in March of this year, after Ms Sinclaire failed to reply to Lord Pearson’s olive branch letter, Ms Sinclaire formed a new party - Solihull and Meriden Residents Association – SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire wanted to me to stand for SAMRA and as a consequence I was instructed to deceive the party and the party members by confirming that I would stand for UKIP. However I was to switch my nomination papers at the last minute for papers in favour of SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire’s aim was to deny our members and the electorate the chance to vote UKIP in Solihull and Meriden but also to send a message to Lord Pearson that she should not be crossed. Sadly Ms Sinclaire also swayed potential UKIP candidates who were due to stand in the local elections to stand for SMARA instead. As a consequence UKIP has no local representation.
In late March Ms Sinclaire raised the bar in her attempts to persuade me to defect to SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire told me that if I stood for UKIP in Solihull then she could not employ me but if I stood for SAMRA in Solihull she could. Clearly this was not an option and I accepted Ms Sinclaire’s notice and left her employment. I was disgusted at this approach as the issues which Ms Sinclaire had with UKIP were between UKIP and herself and not UKIP and me. In addition, such was the apprehension from your elected members sitting on the Solihull and Meriden committee, they also approached me to voice their concerns at the way Ms Sinclaire was seconding UKIP members to join her new party.
In April your Branch Secretary was given an invoice by Ms Sinclaire for leaflets which had been printed with the request that it was paid from UKIP branch funds. Suspicious, your secretary contacted the printers and was informed that the leaflets had been printed for SAMRA and the Solihull Ratepayers Association. I can confirm and assure you that UKIP never paid this invoice. Furthermore Jonathon Arnott, the UKIP General Secretary, had cause to phone some of the committee members regarding critical and derogatory posts regarding others but also Pro-Nikki posts on the UKIP members’ internet forum.

Fake email addresses had been registered and membership numbers of members used to enable these posts to take place which have been identified as originating from Nikki Sinclaire’s office and also Josh O’Nyons’ private house. Mr O’Nyons has since admitted to identity theft. The Court of Appeal in R v Seward (2005) passed judgement that any ‘identity theft’ case which was proven required a prison sentence.
Consequently at a meeting held on Thursday 8th April 2010 at the Shirley Centre votes of no confidence were taken against the then Chairman, Josh O’Nyons and in Nikki Sinclaire. All the motions were passed 6 – 0 with no abstentions. A motion was then put to the Vice Chairman, Dave Faulkner, namely that I become the new Chairman replacing Mr O’Nyons.
Fresh Start
However despite the problems I am delighted to report that since this difficult time your committee has worked tirelessly for the benefit of you, our valued members. In the last two weeks we have arranged for Barry Allcock who is standing in Meriden, and for me standing in Solihull, to have an election address which will target nearly 90,000 homes across both constituencies. In addition both election deposits have been paid, this being £1,000. We have also ordered and taken delivery of 15,000 additional leaflets for distribution in Solihull along with 5,000 mini manifestos, 25 corex boards and ordered a PA system so we can take our message to the whole of Solihull and Meriden.
I have attended two hustings so far with the most recent one held at Light Hall School attracting public comments from a Conservative supporter that UKIP were the only party to have the best policy on the economy. In short this campaign is yet another huge step forward for UKIP demonstrating that we are about to make another breakthrough in British politics. As I alluded to earlier the local problems have not in actual fact damaged our branch but reinforced the resolute approach to do what is right for our country.
In closing if you do have any questions that you would like to ask then please contact me either at the above address, on my phone number or by email at I have also enclosed a window poster if you would care to display this in your car or in your house and if you would like to donate to the election fund or deliver any leaflets your time will be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

John Ison
Chairman - Solihull and Meriden Branch
Secretary - West Midlands Regional Committee

Monday, 3 May 2010

Nikki Sinclaire explains her priorities as an MEP

The Common Man is away on the campaign trail today, but asked me to post this very illuminating video. Much like Mr Cartwrights newspaper article, this requires no explanation. I think her gloating says it all.

Can also be found at

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Latest from camp Sinclaire: burning wives, disappearing billboards and illegal canvassing

The Common Man has enjoyed the aura of comedy which surrounds Camp Sinclaire and, to quote Richard Littlejohn, you couldn't make most of it up.

SAMRA candidate Trevor Eames is a case in point. Busily standing as one of Sinclaires fellow candidates, can it be the same Trevor Eames who spent several years at Her Majestys pleasure for - and this is the best bit - setting fire to his wife? The Common Man is assured that they are one and the same.

Then we have the mysteriously disappearing Conservative billboards. During the current election campaign, Solihull Conservatives have noticed their billboards disappearing at an alarming rate. The same thing happened during the European election campaign. The culprit? Josh O'Nyons, Sinclaires office manager.

And finally, as Trevor MacDonald would say, we have the mysteriously disappearing Sinclaire. Early morning shoppers in Solihull would have seen her canvassing on the High Street, and yet by 11am, she has vanished? What could be the cause? Magic? Kidnapping? No, it was the local council, who moved her on because she had failed to get the proper authority to block the pavements while handing out her toilet paper.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What the West Midlands membership really thinks...

The Common Man has received a copy of an interesting letter sent to Lord Pearson regarding Nikki Sinclaire. The member who wrote it has noticed some interesting similarities between an article Ms Sinclaire allegedly wrote for EU Reporter, and an article on Kikuyu independence which appeared originally in a Kenyan newspaper. Even without that, the points the author makes are illuminating and show Ms Sinclaires support is likely to crumble since she started hiring UKIP cast-offs and no-hopers to fill her office. Particularly interesting is the reappearance of Greg 'Rosie' Beaman as a paid employee on a rather handsome EU salary. Regular readers will know the last time Mr Beaman was a paid employee, he was caught spouting anti UKIP nonsense on web fora while impersonating a female - more information is here -

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Solvej (Karla) Krause - undercover journalist - picture

The Common Man thought UKIP members might be interested in seeing the latest undercover journalist to have a go at getting into UKIP. We understand that Solvej (who called herself Karla) Krause applied to work as an intern, spending two weeks with UKIP in Brussels and Strasbourg. In return for the hospitality and friendship of UKIP staff and MEPs, she set up Stuart Agnew. Hardly surprising, as she was working with Sunday Times journalist Daniel Foggo. Foggo was the journalist who asked for an exclusive on UKIPs first big non-EU related story, and then in an act of staggering bad faith, handed it on a plate to the Tories. The picture is published here for the benefit of any others who may find themselves targetted. Foggo is a close friend of convicted felon Greg Lance-Watkins.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Sinclaire, Beaman and the mad house

News reaches the Common Man of developments relating to the official UKIP forum, where dirty dealing are afoot.

Apparently, Nikki Sinclaire, Josh O'Nyons and the entire Sinclaire office have been barred from posting, with young Mr O'Nyons facing disciplinary action over his creation of multiple user IDs using UKIP membership numbers of people who were considered unlikely to use the internet.

After a sudden upsurge in the number of pro-Sinclaire posts, moderators took a look at the IP addresses of those posting under new identities. To nobodies particular surprise, although these people were supposed to be all over the country, they all seemed to have gone to Ms Sinclaires office specifically to post on the forum.

As user IDs are tied to UKIP membership numbers, calls were made to these new converts to Ms Sinclaires cause. Of four people called, none of them knew they were registered on the forum, and only one even knew of its existence. One didn't even own a computer, and had never used the internet in his life. All of them were horrified to find themselves supporting Ms Sinclaire.

This is not the first time this has happened. Ms Sinclaires postings frequently appeared from her Birmingham offices IP address while she was in Strasbourg, while whole threads of pro-Sinclaire postings were made with different identities but from the same IP address.

As Gregg 'Rosie' Beaman is now working for Ms Sinclaire, perhaps her office has been taking tips from him? Mr Beaman, for anyone who may have forgotten, has similar form as he voluntarily stood down as the north west lead candidate and salaried regional organiser after borrowing a prominent UKIP members laptop, posting vehemently anti-UKIP postings on the Democracy Forum under a false name, and then forgeting to delete them from the laptop when he handed it back.

The Common Man is not surprised to discover two things. That Ms Sinclaire, fresh from helping John Bercow in Buckingham last tuesday, has yet to demonstrate just how low she will sink to damage UKIP, and that she is gathering around her a witches brew of failed UKIP staff to help her campaign. It is lucky for UKIP that her and her ever shrinking band of followers are so incompetent. How long before she hires Mental Health Trust (patient representative) board member John West to continue her lunacy? At least he has first hand experience of a mad house.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A day of surprising sights on the campaign trail

The Common Man has been out on the campaign trail once again, and saw a very interesting meeting yesterday in Buckingham. While sipping a G&T in the White Hart, who should appear - miles from where they should have any business - but Nikki Sinclaire and Gary Cartwright, the liberal nazis. Surprising as that was, it was even more of a surprise to see incumbent and soon to be unemployed speaker of the Commons John Bercow enter with his campaign team shortly afterwards.

In a day of surprises, and just to top it all, they then all greeted each other cordially before the two elected members left together, with their entourages, out of the back door.

And so, revived, who should I see on my way back to the UKIP campaign office but Gary Cartwright and Mark Croucher shaking hands and chatting in the company of one of Bercows campaign team? The latter was next spotted deep in conversation with Annabelle Fuller in the campaign office.

The wheels within wheels of UKIP never leave me unsurprised.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Election on the horizon? Time for the anti-UKIP mob to take up arms again

With an election around the corner, it's not surprising to see the anti-UKIP brigade starting up in force again, is it? Just like every election since the year dot, the same old allegations are brought out again, dusted off, and given pride of place by the likes of Mr Watkins and his cohorts.

What's new this year? A few interesting twists, some of them ironic.

Ms Sinclaire resigns from the EFD Group after taking 6 months to notice that she doesnt like some of the EFD members because they are 'racist and homophobic', and immediately employs Gary Cartwright, a former member of the National Front and National Democrats, to guide her hand.

Hypocrisy? Maybe so. And not without irony. But not as ironic as her recent statement to MEPs, where she insisted that, while attempting to be as open and honest as possible on her application to be an MEP, she consulted lawyers about whether to declare her bankruptcy and they assured her there was no need.

Is this the woman who wanted transparency? How many other potential MEPs were so worried that they might make a mistake on their forms that they consulted lawyers? Many might think that you dont consult lawyers because you are desperate to be open and honest with members, but because you are looking for a way to hide something. Like a bankruptcy which was only discharged a year before the selection process began. It strikes me that its a funny way of being open.