Monday, 26 January 2009

The judicial review and what it really means

The Common Man is pleased to see the outcome of the Judicial Review into donations made by Alan Bown to UKIP has been published.

As expected, the anti-UKIP brigade have rushed to spin it according to their own views, but the reality is that it is not so bad for UKIP as might have been expected. The basic outcome is this.

The Electoral Commission was hoping for a decision that all of the donations should be returned because that is what the law stated. The judicial review found that in fact although this may be an interpretation, the ECHR (an unlikely savior for UKIP) meant that if such fines would be disproportionate the magistrate could order a lesser penalty.

The Common Man is pleased to learn that despite the certainly with which the anti-UKIP brigade trumpets the notion that UKIP may have to pay more, the reality is that UKIP may well have to pay less.

The unanswered question about Abbott and Edmonds

The Common Man has returned fortified from several weeks spent inspecting skiing conditions in the Alps, and notes much has happened since his departure. Most pressing is the strange silence over the NEC votes to expel Mr Abbott and Mr Edmonds.

For many months, the Common Man has watched the BNP lite which is the anti-UKIP brigade praise, rightly so, the integrity of NEC member Del Young in the hope of causing a split between him and the best interests of UKIP. How strange it then is to find nobody can explain why Mr Young voted in favour of the expulsion of both Mr Abbott and Mr Edmonds.

There are only two possible answer. Either Mr Young voted against natural justice, or Misters Abbott and Edmonds were both guilty as charged, m'lud.

Regular readers will know the real answer as well as the Common Man. Mr Young is indeed a man of integrity, and he voted to get rid of those who would love to see UKIP cut a deal with the BNP. The only question is why Mr Lance-Watkins and his BNP chums have so little to say on the subject in public. In private, the Common Man has learned that they speak of Mr Young in terms that would make the National Front, Rhodesians and apartheid supporting South Africans proud.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Anti-UKIP brigade reduced to using the mentally ill

The Common Man notices that Mr Lance Watkins is using on his blog the words of Mr Norman Scarth.In his wisdom, he accuses Godfrey Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire & Humberside, of sneering 'he is obviously ill' as he dismissed Mr Scarths complaints.

This is closer to the truth than readers may realise. When Mr Scarth first came to UKIPs attention, he was a resident of a residential psychiatric hospital in the north, having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. UKIP received a well written letter from him complaining of the injustice of his detention and acted in good faith helping have him released.

Little did UKIP know that Mr Scarth has a long history of psychiatric problems which have caused him to spend much of his adult life institutionalised. Mr Lance Watkins knows all this but posts his comments regardless of what he knows to be the real position regarding the state of Mr Scarths health.

Normally the Common Man finds the depths to which Mr Lance Watkins sinks laughable, but on this occasion is unable to raise a chortle as he uses the ravings of the mentally ill in his attacks upon UKIP.