Friday, 19 December 2008

Lance Watkins and the disappearing cash

The Common Mans attention has been drawn to a post by sacked former head office manager Mr Warry apparently denying the existence of funds solicited for the defence of BNP infiltrators. Not entirely surprising as the call came from Mr Lance Watkins who everyone now knows is a proven receiver of stolen goods. The Common Man is surprised to discover that Mr Warry and Mr Edmonds were involved in the apparent disappearance of these funds after many promises of transparency were made when the call first came. This transparency soon disappeared after it was realised donors could be responsible for all legal bills and Mr Lance Watkins instead said that nameless receipts would be issued. As he must have been well aware this would make it impossible to prove how much had been donated in total and the question must now be how much did Mr Lance Watkins make personally from this scheme?

Misters Warry and Edmonds can easily clear their names by stating publicly how much they each received and forwarded to Mr Lance Watkins. If they fail to publish this infomation the Common Man can only assume that they are complicit in this apparent theft. This total can be easily verified by seeing which model of new car Mr Lance Watkins gets from Santa. Is he after Mr Wises job or would his criminal convictions bar him from public office? The Common Man can only guess how much time Mr Lance Watkins spent picking up the soap at Her Majestys pleasure, something which might account for his homophobia.

BNP good, UKIP bad bleats poor Mr Edmonds

After the failure of their BNP backed plot to oust UKIP leader Mr Farage, the Common Man is unsurprised to see Mr Edmonds and Mr Abbott posting their almost completely false version of events across the internet.

Mr Edmonds is now quoting Orwell ironically, the Common Man guesses as it was Misters Edmonds, Haslam and Abbott who were attempting the Big Brother moves on UKIPs leadership. It was Mr Abbott who employed a private investigator to snoop into Mr Farages private life and hack his bank account details. He does appear to have some things correct as UKIP will screen NEC candidates to ensure BNP infiltrators such as himself and Mr Abbott are denied the opportunity to cause more trouble within UKIP. The Common Man is not impressed by empty threats about libel suits as Mr Abbott has not bothered with those who unearthed and published the information about him. He even gave up on his pursuit of Mr Denny when it was shown that he had lied to his own solicitors about the extent of his contacts with the BNP. The Common Man has a copy of their letter which may appear here shortly.

What Mr Edmonds forgot to mention about Henley was that he had put a lot of work into ensuring that the SW did not support the by election campaign as did his fellow BNP supporter Mr Abbott. How they must have celebrated the result twice over! The BNP finished ahead of UKIP and they thought it would bring closer the day the deal could be done between the BNP and UKIP which Mr Farage so vigourously opposes.

The Common Man is certain that they will continue their disinformation campaign in the hope of causing as many splits in UKIP as possible ahead of the european elections next year. A good chortle can be had by all when the truth here is compared with the lies on Misters Edmond and Lance-Watkins blogs.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Major Disappointment

The Common Man hears of a major disappointment about to befall Niall Warry the sacked former UKIP head office manager and close associate of Mr Lance Watkins. After years of attacking the party from within he will now find himself attacking the party from without after UKIP decided not to renew his membership. The Common Man also hears that a similar fate will befall youtube star Mr West whose membership will be withdrawn.

The Common Man applauds this new spirit of common sense within UKIP in getting rid of those who clearly do not have the best interests of the party at heart. Junius, Mr Lance-Watkins and other BNP infiltrators will complain that the party is ditching democracy by streamlining its disciplinary processes. The Common Man can only chortle again when considering how often those who complain now quote Edmund Burke - 'for evil to prosper requires only that the good do nothing'. Doing nothing was allowing them to mock UKIP and everything it stands for and then use the disciplinary process to prevent action being taken against them, a lesson learnt from Mr Hockney in the now distant past. Congratulations to UKIP for ceasing to do nothing.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bath, trains and automobiles

The Common Man hears that the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade all donned their anoraks to attend a steam train extravaganza in Bath a short while ago. Lead by one with considerable experience of trains, EU gravy trainer Peter Cole they were definitely not attending a meeting to thrash out plans to continue their campaign of disruption within UKIP. The Common Man had yet another chortle at the number of steam train anoraks who didn't meet in Bath. Geoffrey Kingscott, John Petley, Peter Cole, the list goes on and on. Was convict and receiver of stolen goods Mr Lance Watkins there as well or not to add the Griffin seal of approval?

The Common Man was interested to read Mr Coles comments denying any meeting took place and wonders if he would lie about this what else he is also being less than honest about? In fact, the Common Man has no need to wonder, because more information about Mr Cole is at hand and will appear here in the near future.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Green Junius recycles old stories

The Common Man discovered while browsing the internet this morning that Junius seems to be recycling his old material. His latest posting on his blog is titled "Mark Croucher & Nigel Farage: the best of friends", and applauds Mr Farage for firing Mr Croucher.

Being struck by a sense of deja vu, the Common Man searched Democracy Forum, and found exactly the same 'information' posted on the 24th October under the title "Mark Croucher & his naughty mobile".

Is Junius keen to prove his green credentials by recycling old lies, or is it true that his sources of information have dried up now that his fellow BNP supporters have been removed from the NEC? Is Common Man alone in finding it strange if unsurprising that Junius has had nothing new to say since Misters Edmonds, Abbott and Haslam were removed from the NEC? It is certain that his accuracy has not improved because his story is as untrue now as it was then, apparently.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Bluster but NO Denial

The Common Man is tempted to take Mr Lance Watkins up on his offer to win £5000 by proving that the grubby little junk shop proprietor and bankrupt has a conviction for receiving stolen goods as the Xmas bills mount up.

What is interesting is that although Mr Lance Watkins has blustered and insulted in his usual childish way, he has never denied the accuracy of the Common Mans statement as has been pointed out by several correspondents.

Ethical considerations prevent the Common Man from disclosing his sources so £5000 of easy money has to be ignored. The question is where Mr Lance Watkins would find £5000 unless the residents of parts of South Wales can expect another mini crime wave.

Junius and Scotland

The Common Man learns that the brave but now strangely silent Junius, whose sources of information are rapidly drying up, is posting his nonsense from an IP address in Scotland.

The Common Man has spoken to several people who were in UKIP in 2004 when a similar round of scurrilous nonsense was spread across the internet also from an IP address in Scotland. On that occasion the guilty party was BNP IT Director Steven Blake. Lacking originality as they are, and with the BNP membership list posted across the internet by close associates of Mr Blake, are these events connected in some way?

The Common Man understands that Mr Blake and Mr Cotterill worked together to raise money for the BNP via BNP front organisation Civil Liberty. BNP Leader Nick Griffin was taped at an American Renaissance conference telling supporters to donate to Civil Liberty as a means of bypassing UK electoral law which forbids overseas donations. Which UKIP member is closely associated with these people? Mr Abbott donated money to Mr Cotterill, who ran the American Friends of the BNP. Mr Abbott attended American Renaissance conferences where he met Mr Griffin. Mr Cotterill invited Mr Abbott to a BNP fundraiser in the UK where he met Mr Griffin and Mr Blake. Now an anonymous poster is using the same tactics Mr Blake used in 2004 with information supplied by Mr Abbott and his chums, Mr Haslam and BNP emissary Mr Mottram. Mr Abbott has donated money to Civil Liberty.

Is the Common Man the only one to find such coincidences uncanny?

The Truth About Mr Haslam

The Common Man is getting bored of hearing how Mr Haslam was set up by UKIP, so the time has come for the full story to be aired.

A little birdy sings to us that Mr Haslam, who is a close friend of both BNP donor Mr Abbott and BNP emissary Mr Mottram, had been attempting to peddle stories to the media about financial impropriety in UKIP, particularly relating to Mr Farages personal finances. Mr Haslam was hoping to use the information garnered by Mr Abbott, who was paying a private investigator to hack Mr Farages accounts. Accusations were also made against Mr Collett who looks after UKIPs group finances in Brussels but so weak were the allegations and so unsupported by any facts that the journalist concerned declined to meet either Mr Mottram or Mr Haslam for lunch despite repeated invitations from both. They then suggested the journalist attend the meeting in Bournemouth which would begin the process of removing Mr Farage and so confident were they of this that they approached Lord Pearson to ask if he would assume the leadership of UKIP when Mr Farage was removed.

When Mr Haslams BNP plans failed to reach fruition he was left with only two choices. Either he could admit that he had contacted the media in an attempt to stab Mr Farage in the back or he could concoct a story which wouldnt expose his underhand dealings with the BNP brigade however unlikely that story might be. He chose the second course of action only because Mr Lance Watkins could be relied upon to shout it loudly despite knowing it was untrue, but what else would we expect from Mr Lance Watkins?

Only one question remains. The Common Man wonders which private individual would pay a significant sum of money to an individual to carry out an illegal act unless they were acting under instructions from others. Who is Mr Abbott working for? The BNP seems the most likely candidate.

Plugging the leaks

The Common Man is not surprised to find that Junius, Mr Lance-Watkins and others have little to say about the contents of the last NEC meeting at the beginning of December.

It is now clear that despite protests of their innocence, Misters Abbott and Edmonds were leaking confidential information to the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade because as soon as they were rightfully removed, the sources of information seem to have dried up. Readers of Mr Abbotts tirades in which he protested his innocence of having links to the BNP will remember his outrage when it was claimed he supplied Mr Lance-Watkins with his information. But if he lied about this, what else has this duplicitous little man also lied about? The Common Man has seen the photographs taken at the BNP's Trafalgar Club dinner featuring Mr Abbott and Mr Griffin as they shook hands and understands that this connection continues to this day.

Mr Abbott in his defence has claimed that he gave money to lots of good causes. The Common Man wonders whether these good causes include the private investigator he paid to hack into UKIP Leader Nigel Farages personal finances in the hope of finding something that would discredit him? There is a lesson in this somewhere, and the Common Man thinks the lesson is not to commission an illegal act and then tell a journalist about it because some people have better sources than others!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Mr Lance-Watkins racism for all to see

The Common Man does not wish this blog to become a method of trading insults with BNP infiltrators to UKIP, but to ensure people can see the lies of Mr Lance-Watkins laid bare, here is his latest rant from the Democracy Forum

I can understand being of mixed race he may well have no understanding of integrity and patriotism and may seek to personally gain by colluding in the corruption that is EUkip.
FILTH to a man as they betray their Country.
Regards,Greg L-W.

The Common Man was telling the truth about Mr Lance-Watkins racism all along, just as the Common Man has told the truth in every posting on this blog. The Common Man has documentary evidence that Mr Abbott lied and has documentary evidence that Mr Lance-Watkins is a liar. Mr Lance-Watkins himself has provided the proof that he is a racist who views people of mixed race as lacking integrity, and he does stand by every word he's written unless it is about a Swedish politicians murder!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mr Lance-Watkins and second hand goods

Welcome to the Common Mans 'sad & desperate' site, the highest indication of truth that Mr Lance-Watkins can bestow as it shows the nail has been hit well and truly on the head. And the Common Man continues to chortle at Mr Lance-Watkins dishonest attempt to link this site with UKIP officials. Perhaps his dishonest partner in smear Daniel Foggo will be able to help him track down the Common Mans identity?

After Mr Lance-Watkins self publication of his incomplete criminal record several weeks ago, he now accuses the Common Man of dishonesty when the blanks are filled in! Nobody will get far phoning a police station and asking for details of someone elses criminal record as he well knows, so his protestations of innocence and suggestion that people call Chepstow police station are as empty as the lies he peddles about anyone who dares to cross him. As 'any fule no', many grubby little second hand shops go to the wall because they don't bother to check whether what they sell belongs to someone else, and Mr Lance-Watkins tawdry little clearing house for stolen goods was no different in this respect. As a past victim of burglary, the Common Man can only sympathise with those who supplied his stock. Anyone who has bought goods from him in the past can have them returned to their rightful owners by contacting their local police station.

Perhaps this is why Mr Coleman will have nothing to do with him? It wouldnt do for a former senior policeman to consort with known criminals.

Abbott updates

The Common Man thought it was time to return to the subject of David Abbott, the BNP donor recently expelled from UKIP for his role in disrupting an NEC meeting with an offer of an electoral pact with the BNP.

Mr Abbott insists that "I have never attended a meeting of the BNP" and "I spoke against the deal"

Mr Abbott, by his own admission, attended a Trafalgar Club fundraising dinner on at least one occasion, and met BNP leader Nick Griffin there. As the Trafalgar Club is the fundraising arm of the BNP, Mr Abbott has in fact attended a BNP meeting and even admitted to it in his attempt to silence criticism. The letter from Carter Ruck (marked not for publication to demonstrate their belief in free speech) to NEC member Douglas Denny said:

"In about 2000, our client went to a dinner of the Trafalgar Club."

Mr Abbott also claims to have spoken against the BNP deal offered to the NEC. Perhaps Mr Lance-Watkins could providethe transcript from his tape recordings of the bit where Misters Abbott and Edmonds were demanding 'lets hear the deal, lets hear the deal' as the rest of the NEC attempted to eject Mr Mottram.

Mr Abbott claims the he will not sue Mr Croucher for libel because he has no money. When his solicitors sent this letter to Mr Denny, Mr Croucher was UKIP communications director on a significant salary, so what was the excuse then? Perhaps he was concerned that there was more information to come to light?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Laughable, just laughable

The Common Man (or is it the Common Woman?) has enjoyed his holiday reading the almost defunct Democracy Forum as 35 infiltrators and leakers scrabble around trying to work out our identity. The Common Man's prize for the funniest attempt goes to the person who suggested that because MC reversed is CM, and because of the borrowed 'Liar-Watkins' name it is therefore irrefutable that Mark Croucher (who coined the latter) and the Common Man are one and the same. Or is it the Common Woman? Annabelle Fuller's name has also been mentioned in connection with this blog, despite its being written in the male third person. They can look after themselves but the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade shouldn't give up their day jobs.

Now there is a delicious irony in watching those who have leaked inside UKIP for many years worrying that their one-sided, heavily spun confections of lies are beginning to fall apart under the real truth.

Junius claimed to know the real reason for Greg Beamans resignation, but forgot to mention the incident with the laptop. Junius claimed to know in advance that Haslam, Edmonds and Abbott would be expelled from the NEC, but forgot to mention it would be in connection with a BNP infiltration plot. Junius claimed to know of a plot against Mr Coleman, but forget to mention that the plot was caused by Mr Colemans own politically naive words to a senior member of the Brussels press corps, and that Mr Towlers efforts were to spare Mr Coleman even more embarrassment. Junius claimed that Mr Warry would face disciplinary charges, when in fact UKIP have apparently declined to renew his membership, something they should have done when he was fired as head office manager for his bumbling incompetence.

Convicted criminal and professional receiver of stolen goods Mr Lance-Watkins claims that the absence of Misters Edmonds and Abbotts names from a BNP membership list were proof that they were not working for the BNP. How the Common Man chortled at such blatant disinformation! As if the three of them would be invited along to their local BNP branch meetings, their secret activism safe in the hands of a shaven headed, semi-literate BNP branch committee. It may not be Christmas yet, but surely worthy of a good 'ho, ho, ho'?

Speaking of Mr Lance-Watkins, is the Common Man the only one to notice his new found attitude towards the BNP after his earlier support for anti-semitism which can be found all over the internet and USENET groups? There is a definite sense of track-covering here as some of the posts quoted have now disappeared from some e-groups, with others being closed down and their archives deleted to remove his more extreme posts. Now the Common Man hears that he is soliciting money for the defence of his fellow BNP activists removed from their positions within UKIP. Caution should be exercised when handing over cash to a person with his criminal convictions for dishonesty, and perhaps to overcome this he has been recruiting others to handle the cash before passing it on to him. Embittered ex-chairman of UKIP Mrs Voelcker has declined to do so, perhaps because she so nearly had her fingers burned after leaking details of Mr Wises finances before remembering that she had tried to get some of the disputed money for herself. Mr Lance-Watkins friend Mr Foggo can confirm this.

The Democracy Forum itself is in danger of being closed down which has caused much claiming of free speech rights. How correct they are. On the internet there should be the perfect right to publish any unsubstantiated rumour, any vindictive gossip and any lie or half truth without the threat of legal sanction. How hypocritical they appear from the viewpoint of one who never posts there as they peddle their lies, as only days earlier they were claiming they would close down this blog for telling the truth.

The Democracy Forum has chosen to ignore the evidence of Mr Lance-Watkins successful attempt to rig the voting which allowed him back on, and perhaps by doing so has hastened its own demise. Why would this be? Democracy Forum owner Anthony Butcher perhaps had a skin too thin to be the butt of numerous Lance-Watkins emails just as his skin was too thin to stay on UKIPs NEC and work for the good of the party. Mr Croucher mentioned rumours that Mr Butcher was a Lib Dem plant but dismissed them, but the Common Man knows differently. That is a story for another day as the Common Man refocuses on British politics.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Surprising Popularity and honesty Lance-Watkins style

The Common Man was amazed to hear of a poll currently running on the Democracy Forum asking members whether proven BNP activist and anti-semite Mr Lance-Watkins (known there as Mr Liar-Watkins) should be allowed posting privileges after being banned for being less than truthful. Even more astonishing was that 21 people were in favour of his highly inaccurate, deliberately distorted ranting.

The reason soon became clear. The Common Man had to smile when an e-mail was received asking for our vote, and giving details of how to register as a forum user. At the same time, a new blog has appeared, which features on Mr Lance-Watkins new blog as a recommended link. Political Gossip UK which is only about UKIP and Mr Lance-Watkins has just two stories posted in the early hours of this morning. The first repeats Mr Lance-Watkins lies about UKIP in a Lance-Watkins style, while the second recommends that people vote for the restoration of Mr Lance-Watkins posting privileges on the Democracy Forum. There is no contact information for the blog, and Mr Lance-Watkins would never post anonymously, would he?

The Common Man notes that the Democracy Forum seems worried about posting times and typographical errors, particularly a member once labelled Old Mother Collier. Mrs Colliers conspiracy theory is that the error of typing 'yesterday' about last Mondays NEC meeting proves that the Common Man knew in advance that Dr Abbott, as Buster Mottram was being ordered from the room, would still be demanding to "hear the full deal" put on the table by an organisation he helped to fund, or that he would shout "Goodbye, UKIP" as he walked out. Or is Mrs Collier suggesting that the doctor is in on the plot too?

The Common Man had not long been awake when news reached him of the BNPs offer, and at 8am its easy to get confused about an event which happened at a time still 8 hours in the future in this time zone. Or did it? Tomorrow, the Common Man will be posting Friday's racing results.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Abbott, Edmonds, Lance-Watkins, Hockney, de Rook and Edwards

Stories reach the Common Man of negotiations at a high level between the BNP and UKIP. Of scurrilous e-mails from anonymous sources being sent to the membership. Of shenanigans in the MEP selection process. Of attempts to rig NEC elections to favour certain candidates. Of tapes of NEC meetings.

UKIP 2009? No, UKIP 2004, when almost the same scenario was played out. On the BNP team, the players were the same: BNP leader Nick Griffin and his motley band of convicted criminals and failed businessmen. On the UKIP team at that time were BNP mole Andrew Edwards, standing in for Greg Lance-Watkins, and the Abbott/Edmonds double act of their day, Damien Hockney and John De Rook. UKIP substitutes included one-time Yorkshire chairman Michael Cassidy-Scutts, Tory agitator Martin Cole and the BNP treasurer, John Brayshaw, parachuted into a defunct UKIP branch in Yorkshire as chairman to lend credence to the plays. The BNP's gameplan? Exactly the same as this time around: an e-mail campaign calling for truth, honesty and integrity, which accuses the entire leadership of more debauchery than Nero's court, culminating in an attempt to fiddle a list of BNP sympathisers, self-promoters and 'don't care who helps as long as we win' want-to-be's to the top of MEP lists and onto the NEC.

Luckily in 2004, the plan was forestalled at the last minute. The Common Man hears that Hockney managed to suppress the details by issuing a writ for libel, despite using in his writ extracts from a tape of the NEC meeting where the plot was exposed. The same tape would have defeated his own libel action, because it was clear that the presenters of the NEC report into the affair (then chairman David Lott and then communications director Mark Croucher) did not accuse him of direct links to the BNP, only of being so desperate to gain control of the party that he didn't care who was helping him. Edwards was thrown out of UKIP, as was Brayshaw, Cassidy-Scutts left, and Cole disappeared without trace once his usefulness to the Tories in heading off a UKIP advance ceased. Interestingly, Cole had worked with Alan Duncan MP at the time his oil brokerage was breaking UN sanctions by selling oil to Yugoslavia. The involvement of senior UKIP members was hushed up by the terms of the politically expedient settlement of the libel action.

The present day play bears an uncanny similarity to the 5 year old one. This time, Mr Lance-Watkins' is the Mr Edwards, with his wide ranging leaks of NEC material supplied by Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds. In a refinement of the BNP gameplan, which made up in enthusiasm what it lacked in originality, long term infiltrators such as John West and Martin Harvey were used to lend credence to the idea that there was a problem with the MEP selection process. On this foundation, Lance-Watkins used his extensive e-mail database, built up over many years interference in UKIP's internal affairs, to sow the same rumours that were used 5 years ago without success, all leading to the appearance of Buster Mottram at UKIP's NEC meeting yesterday. Mottram was brought along by Martin Haslam, UKIP deputy treasurer, to defend himself against charges of leaking information to the press, and admittance for Mottram was gained by Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds using this pretext. The trio then sat back and waited for the show to begin, having all been party, with Mr Lance-Watkins, to the negotiations. Following earlier experience, both Abbott and Edmonds taped the meeting, and immediately provided the tapes to Lance-Watkins.

The BNP's offer was straightforward: ditch UKIP Leader Farage, and enter an electoral pact, splitting the country between the two parties. In 2004, it was the same except that the condition was to ditch then UKIP Leader Roger Knapman. Then, the new leader would have been Damien Hockney with Mr De Rook as deputy, while the current plan would have seen Mr Edmonds heading up the remains of the party, with Mr Abbott as deputy.

It all began to fall apart when Mr Lance-Watkins proved unable once again to keep quiet over the details and insisted on issuing an ultimatum at the end of the previous week. In 2004, the end was very similar when Mr Edwards was caught out in a similar way over John Brayshaw, allowing UKIP to expel them both before the trap could be sprung. It is there that the similarites end, unfortunately. This time, the BNP did have negotiations with senior UKIP figures in the persons of Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds, and all those involved were aware of the others and exactly what their game plan was. The ad-hoc nature of 2004 was replaced by a much more determined approach with a concerted plan which, even though based on the earlier version, shows that even the BNP can learn from their past mistakes. The branch chairmen and ordinary members who fell for it this time were as always in BNP plans expendable cannon fodder and useful fools. The real changes were at the top. In 2004, Mssrs Hockney and De Rook were simply used because they displayed enough naked ambition to not care where their help was coming from. This time, the senior UKIP people were already closely linked to the BNP, and were made aware of the other BNP pieces in play to avoid repetition of earlier mistakes.

Although the BNP appear the losers they have not really lost that much. Abbott and Edmonds were about to be expelled as details of the negotiations surfaced over the previous week or so, while Lance-Watkins BNP links have become increasingly obvious in recent months to the point where even his supporters are distancing themselves from him. The trick for the BNP now as in 2004 is to try and turn the cleaning up process around, and make the subsequent expulsions from UKIP of those who were involved in the negotiations seem unfair and a part of a wider witch-hunt. If the game continues to play as it did in 2004, UKIP members will see through such troublemaking.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gregg Beaman's mysterious departure

Now the dust has died down about Gregg Beaman's mysterious departure as both NW Regional Organiser and lead candidate, the truth is beginning to out. Strange to say it isn't found on Mr Beaman's own blog which gives his noble reasons for standing aside, and which has now stopped taking postings from anonymous users because their comments were getting a little close to the truth of the matter. Even libertarianism has its bounds at the edge of untrammeled free speech.

Sources close to the anti-UKIP movement within UKIP tell the Common Man that the real reason concerns an NEC member, a laptop and Democracy Forum. Users of Democracy Forum should take a look at postings by user name 'Rosie', who wrote "I saw how hard Greg Beaman worked when he formed the branch I was in, and two or three nearby ones", "Greg Beaman was certainly the popular choice when I left the North West over a year ago now, and I hear he still is as he has a long and solid track record".

The same forum spends some time discussing Mr Beaman's departure and how it was a conspiracy by the leadership to get rid of him because Paul Nuttall was the preferred choice for the number one slot in the North West.

It will be interesting to see how they react to the news that Rosie and Gregg Beaman are one and the same, gender confusion notwithstanding. This less than earth-shattering piece of news came to light when Mr Beaman returned a borrowed laptop, forgetting to remove the incriminating evidence first, and wasting all his hard work, time and effort in climbing the greasy pole as a regional organiser to get to the top of the list while at the same time attacking the leadership anonymously via a public forum and a series of contacts with people who are decidedly not UKIP's greatest fans. The subject of his attacks included then UKIP Chairman John Whittaker MEP, who was a staunch supporter of Mr Beaman's attempt to gain the number one slot on the list, and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, who was responsible for his paycheques.

The face saving formula of allowing Mr Beaman to resign quietly clearly isn't working, as the Common Man hears that his involvement with the anti-UKIP cause continues just as his vaguely worded blog entry leaves visitors with the impression that UKIP had done something wrong. How his opposition to UKIP taking seats in the European Parliament squares with the effort he put into gaining first place on the list is matter for others to discuss but there was no point of principle involved in using an MEP's allowance to send out a regional newsletter which was little more than a campaign mailshot or in using an alter-ego to sing his own praises.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Trevor Colman and foot in mouth disease

Much talk on Democracy Forum about TC and an alleged smear campaign against him claiming he made racist comments. Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn't be the first time in his short career as an MEP.

News reaches us that at his welcoming meeting in Strasbourg he was enjoying a chat with a fellow attendee, telling them how much he hated Farage, and how in his days as a copper they knew how to deal with troublesome journalists who took too much of an interest in such boring issues as police corruption - lock them in a cell with a couple of burly PCs, and then beat the crap out of them. Medecine to be repeated daily until cured. Other such indiscretions tumbled from his lips, leaving a bemused European Editor of a national daily, for such was his audience, wishing it had not been a private meeting because it would have made a lovely front page.

Not the first time such comments have been made by TC, however. Another source tells the Common Man that he thought this would have been an ideal way of dealing with Tom Wise, who he cleared, then smeared, then cleared again shortly before Wise's arrest.

With friends like this to show UKIP's best face to the media, who needs enemies?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I see the latest Greg Lance-Watkins rant has arrived in inboxes, including a significant section devoted to the BNP. After republishing large parts of their website, he thoughtfully finishes with a couple of lines about how bad they are, paying special attention to how shocking it is that some of them deny the holocaust.

Strange that he should be so particular, as it was only two weeks ago that he was fending off accusations that he himself supported holocaust deniers after old e-mails from him surfaced praising organisations such as Al-Quaeda, Hamas and the PLO, all of whom deny the holocaust.

But as if that isn’t bad enough, rumours also began to circulate about just how close his links to the BNP were or are. Discussion on the Democracy Forum (formerly UKIP Forum) centred on how he apparently attempted to mislead a group of UKIP activists into attending a political weekend at a local pub to which he had secretly invited BNP leader Nick Griffin. His defence, amazingly, was that Nick Griffin had phoned him and asked to attend – as if having the leader of Britain’s blackshirts phoning up and inviting themselves around was somehow better than having invited him.

The actual cause of these revelations was a ding-dong between him and former UKIP PR man Mark Croucher, who took umbrage at one rant too many from the erstwhile Watkins. More apparently is due to come, as I understand details of Watkins criminal record have recently come to light.