Thursday, 23 October 2008

I see the latest Greg Lance-Watkins rant has arrived in inboxes, including a significant section devoted to the BNP. After republishing large parts of their website, he thoughtfully finishes with a couple of lines about how bad they are, paying special attention to how shocking it is that some of them deny the holocaust.

Strange that he should be so particular, as it was only two weeks ago that he was fending off accusations that he himself supported holocaust deniers after old e-mails from him surfaced praising organisations such as Al-Quaeda, Hamas and the PLO, all of whom deny the holocaust.

But as if that isn’t bad enough, rumours also began to circulate about just how close his links to the BNP were or are. Discussion on the Democracy Forum (formerly UKIP Forum) centred on how he apparently attempted to mislead a group of UKIP activists into attending a political weekend at a local pub to which he had secretly invited BNP leader Nick Griffin. His defence, amazingly, was that Nick Griffin had phoned him and asked to attend – as if having the leader of Britain’s blackshirts phoning up and inviting themselves around was somehow better than having invited him.

The actual cause of these revelations was a ding-dong between him and former UKIP PR man Mark Croucher, who took umbrage at one rant too many from the erstwhile Watkins. More apparently is due to come, as I understand details of Watkins criminal record have recently come to light.

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