Thursday, 1 January 2009

Anti-UKIP brigade reduced to using the mentally ill

The Common Man notices that Mr Lance Watkins is using on his blog the words of Mr Norman Scarth.In his wisdom, he accuses Godfrey Bloom, MEP for Yorkshire & Humberside, of sneering 'he is obviously ill' as he dismissed Mr Scarths complaints.

This is closer to the truth than readers may realise. When Mr Scarth first came to UKIPs attention, he was a resident of a residential psychiatric hospital in the north, having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. UKIP received a well written letter from him complaining of the injustice of his detention and acted in good faith helping have him released.

Little did UKIP know that Mr Scarth has a long history of psychiatric problems which have caused him to spend much of his adult life institutionalised. Mr Lance Watkins knows all this but posts his comments regardless of what he knows to be the real position regarding the state of Mr Scarths health.

Normally the Common Man finds the depths to which Mr Lance Watkins sinks laughable, but on this occasion is unable to raise a chortle as he uses the ravings of the mentally ill in his attacks upon UKIP.

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