Saturday, 4 April 2009

Mr Lance Watkins launches low key BNP blog

The Common Man has been delayed in Strasbourg and so once again it is Bob Pacific here filling in until normal service is resumed.

Mr Lance Watkins has clearly taken the Common Mans comments to heart (21 March) as just days after it was noted that Mr Lance Watkins had blogs which smeared every party and anti-EU group apart from the BNP, he launched his BNP blog (26 March). So far it has a single post which consists of a link to Searchlight. Such damning criticism!

It must be difficult to be in his position, making lukewarm criticisms of the BNP while praising them as 'just another patriotic party' (his words), when in his heart of hearts its the BNP he supports. Theres plenty of evidence in this blog of his public anti-semitism and hatred of foreigners plus his homophobia, plus his self-acknowledged friendship with Nick Griffin.

What is the betting that within a few days of this, he'll be adding information to his BNP blog, but stopping well short of anything near the bile he pours on moderate eurosceptics? They say you know a man by his friends and a quick look at the people Mr Lance Watkins praises is enough. Mr Abbott, BNP donor. Ms Holdsworth-Voelcker, anti-semite. Mr Haslam, BNP party organiser. Mr Mottram, BNP emissary. No wonder he hates Del Young!

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Trixy said...

One could argue that even harder would be asking the greasy haired twat to attack the EU. After all, it's what his actions appear to support. Why is a pony tail called a pony tail? Lift it up and there's an arsehole underneath. That'll wind the nutter up. He'll probably be straight on the phone to the screws with the latest bullshit.