Saturday, 27 February 2010

Election on the horizon? Time for the anti-UKIP mob to take up arms again

With an election around the corner, it's not surprising to see the anti-UKIP brigade starting up in force again, is it? Just like every election since the year dot, the same old allegations are brought out again, dusted off, and given pride of place by the likes of Mr Watkins and his cohorts.

What's new this year? A few interesting twists, some of them ironic.

Ms Sinclaire resigns from the EFD Group after taking 6 months to notice that she doesnt like some of the EFD members because they are 'racist and homophobic', and immediately employs Gary Cartwright, a former member of the National Front and National Democrats, to guide her hand.

Hypocrisy? Maybe so. And not without irony. But not as ironic as her recent statement to MEPs, where she insisted that, while attempting to be as open and honest as possible on her application to be an MEP, she consulted lawyers about whether to declare her bankruptcy and they assured her there was no need.

Is this the woman who wanted transparency? How many other potential MEPs were so worried that they might make a mistake on their forms that they consulted lawyers? Many might think that you dont consult lawyers because you are desperate to be open and honest with members, but because you are looking for a way to hide something. Like a bankruptcy which was only discharged a year before the selection process began. It strikes me that its a funny way of being open.

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