Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More from Camp Sinclaire

The Common Man has received a copy of a letter from John Ison, Solihull and Meridan branch chairman of UKIP which throws further light on Sinclaires activities. It was sent to all members of that branch.

26th April 2010
UKIP Solihull and Meriden Branch
Since January, UKIP has faced a rather turbulent time in the West Midlands mainly due to the issues surrounding Nikki Sinclaire. You will recall that following Ms Sinclaire’s decision to leave the EFD Group in the European Parliament she was suspended as the UKIP candidate for Meriden. You will no doubt have had a communication from Ms Sinclaire regarding her point of view but I am unable to comment further as I understand Ms Sinclaire is now taking UKIP to court.
However what I can say is this. I worked for Nikki Sinclaire for just over 6 months and during this time I was disappointed to see how Ms Sinclaire purported to represent the electorate. Indeed, in March of this year, after Ms Sinclaire failed to reply to Lord Pearson’s olive branch letter, Ms Sinclaire formed a new party - Solihull and Meriden Residents Association – SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire wanted to me to stand for SAMRA and as a consequence I was instructed to deceive the party and the party members by confirming that I would stand for UKIP. However I was to switch my nomination papers at the last minute for papers in favour of SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire’s aim was to deny our members and the electorate the chance to vote UKIP in Solihull and Meriden but also to send a message to Lord Pearson that she should not be crossed. Sadly Ms Sinclaire also swayed potential UKIP candidates who were due to stand in the local elections to stand for SMARA instead. As a consequence UKIP has no local representation.
In late March Ms Sinclaire raised the bar in her attempts to persuade me to defect to SAMRA. Ms Sinclaire told me that if I stood for UKIP in Solihull then she could not employ me but if I stood for SAMRA in Solihull she could. Clearly this was not an option and I accepted Ms Sinclaire’s notice and left her employment. I was disgusted at this approach as the issues which Ms Sinclaire had with UKIP were between UKIP and herself and not UKIP and me. In addition, such was the apprehension from your elected members sitting on the Solihull and Meriden committee, they also approached me to voice their concerns at the way Ms Sinclaire was seconding UKIP members to join her new party.
In April your Branch Secretary was given an invoice by Ms Sinclaire for leaflets which had been printed with the request that it was paid from UKIP branch funds. Suspicious, your secretary contacted the printers and was informed that the leaflets had been printed for SAMRA and the Solihull Ratepayers Association. I can confirm and assure you that UKIP never paid this invoice. Furthermore Jonathon Arnott, the UKIP General Secretary, had cause to phone some of the committee members regarding critical and derogatory posts regarding others but also Pro-Nikki posts on the UKIP members’ internet forum.

Fake email addresses had been registered and membership numbers of members used to enable these posts to take place which have been identified as originating from Nikki Sinclaire’s office and also Josh O’Nyons’ private house. Mr O’Nyons has since admitted to identity theft. The Court of Appeal in R v Seward (2005) passed judgement that any ‘identity theft’ case which was proven required a prison sentence.
Consequently at a meeting held on Thursday 8th April 2010 at the Shirley Centre votes of no confidence were taken against the then Chairman, Josh O’Nyons and in Nikki Sinclaire. All the motions were passed 6 – 0 with no abstentions. A motion was then put to the Vice Chairman, Dave Faulkner, namely that I become the new Chairman replacing Mr O’Nyons.
Fresh Start
However despite the problems I am delighted to report that since this difficult time your committee has worked tirelessly for the benefit of you, our valued members. In the last two weeks we have arranged for Barry Allcock who is standing in Meriden, and for me standing in Solihull, to have an election address which will target nearly 90,000 homes across both constituencies. In addition both election deposits have been paid, this being £1,000. We have also ordered and taken delivery of 15,000 additional leaflets for distribution in Solihull along with 5,000 mini manifestos, 25 corex boards and ordered a PA system so we can take our message to the whole of Solihull and Meriden.
I have attended two hustings so far with the most recent one held at Light Hall School attracting public comments from a Conservative supporter that UKIP were the only party to have the best policy on the economy. In short this campaign is yet another huge step forward for UKIP demonstrating that we are about to make another breakthrough in British politics. As I alluded to earlier the local problems have not in actual fact damaged our branch but reinforced the resolute approach to do what is right for our country.
In closing if you do have any questions that you would like to ask then please contact me either at the above address, on my phone number or by email at john.ison@ukip.org. I have also enclosed a window poster if you would care to display this in your car or in your house and if you would like to donate to the election fund or deliver any leaflets your time will be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

John Ison
Chairman - Solihull and Meriden Branch
Secretary - West Midlands Regional Committee

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