Friday, 19 December 2008

Lance Watkins and the disappearing cash

The Common Mans attention has been drawn to a post by sacked former head office manager Mr Warry apparently denying the existence of funds solicited for the defence of BNP infiltrators. Not entirely surprising as the call came from Mr Lance Watkins who everyone now knows is a proven receiver of stolen goods. The Common Man is surprised to discover that Mr Warry and Mr Edmonds were involved in the apparent disappearance of these funds after many promises of transparency were made when the call first came. This transparency soon disappeared after it was realised donors could be responsible for all legal bills and Mr Lance Watkins instead said that nameless receipts would be issued. As he must have been well aware this would make it impossible to prove how much had been donated in total and the question must now be how much did Mr Lance Watkins make personally from this scheme?

Misters Warry and Edmonds can easily clear their names by stating publicly how much they each received and forwarded to Mr Lance Watkins. If they fail to publish this infomation the Common Man can only assume that they are complicit in this apparent theft. This total can be easily verified by seeing which model of new car Mr Lance Watkins gets from Santa. Is he after Mr Wises job or would his criminal convictions bar him from public office? The Common Man can only guess how much time Mr Lance Watkins spent picking up the soap at Her Majestys pleasure, something which might account for his homophobia.

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