Thursday, 23 December 2010

How much did naughty Mr Edwards cost the BNP?

The Common Man has today learnt several things about that naughty onanist Mr Andrew Edwards, BNP activist.

Rumours have been in the air for several weeks that Mr Edwards featured in the judgement in the copyright trial between Mark Croucher and Nick Griffin which ended recently. Mr Croucher has asked me not to, in his words, make a 'big song and dance about it', but some aspects were too good to resist. As the judgement is a matter of public record, the Common Man felt obliged to obtain a copy, and for his regular readers makes available some sections of it here which it is hoped do not constitute a big song and dance but rather a public service announcement.

Extracts from the judgement in Mark Croucher (plaintiff) v Nicholas Griffin (defendant), Welshpool County Court, 9th December 2010 09DA01428

"The court is satisfied that Mr Griffin had no personal knowledge of the use of the image posted on the BNP website by Andrew Edwards, who had unrestricted access to post articles ....On discovering the situation, Mr Griffin contacted Mr Kemp, who shared his opinion of Edwards as a loose cannon.... the use of clearly copyrighted material was consistent with the cavalier approach shown by Edwards...."

The Common Man will leave it there for now, but expects to have more information on Mr Edwards to share with the world later today regarding his forthcoming loss of internet service. Some may be aware that Ms Sinclaire, who featured heavily in yesterday evenings posting, passed on her default judgement to BNP activist Mr Edwards for him to circulate it widely. The same Ms Sinclaire who now sits in the non-aligned group in the European Parliament with the BNP, Front National, Jobbik, Vlaams Belang etc, and yet who abhors extremism.

Andrew Edwards yesterday, making the most of his last few days of internet access


Anonymous said...

Andrew Edwards does not exist. Andrew Edwards is another name for Paul Morris, also known as the Green Arrow.

Anonymous said...

Strange that you should illustrate the above article by using a photo without permissionm!!!!