Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Ms Sinclaire, and how she dare not sit down

The Common Man never ceases to be amused by the activities of Camp Sinclaire, and todays news is no exception.

Ms Sinclaire is claiming 'victory' in her sexual discrimination case against UKIP after winning a default judgement in her favour. "I'm very saddened by how this has all turned out" said Ms Sinclaire ecstatically afterwards, failing to add, "Thankfully, UKIP failed to file a defence in time, thereby putting off the day I am exposed as a money grabbing liar."

Ms Sinclaire (7' tall) explained that her case was built on Godfrey Bloom (5'3" tall) intimidating her by calling her 'a queer' as he passed her in a corridor, and confirmed that she had never previously described herself as 'queer and proud' at the gay hustings meeting she was arrested at in 2004, or at any other time when it may have been politically expedient to do so. The Common Man can only speculate why she was not intimidated by hobbit sized convicted felon Greg Lance Watkins constant stream of internet homophobia, which strangely stopped just as regular contact between him and Ms Sinclaire began.

She also complained about UKIPs membership of the EFD Group in the European Parliament because it contained, among other groups, the Italian Lega Nord. She said "You would not expect a black MEP to sit next to a Ku Klux Klan member so why would you expect me to sit next to someone who wanted me dead?"

Given her high turnover of staff, the Common Man can only assume she doesn't have a chair in her office or sit down when in the chamber of the European Parliament among her new colleages in the non aligned group, who include BNP MEPs Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. Perhaps it is the close links between Mr Brons and Ms Sinclaires political adviser, former NF and National Democrat member and candidate Gary Cartwright, which protect her there? Or is it the close links between pint sized reformed homophobe Mr Lance Watkins and BNP leader Mr Griffin? The Common Man loses track.

EFD Group has not commented on the case, as the judgement will be set aside at the next hearing in December. If they had, the Common Man assumes the person best placed to explain the rampant homophobia in EFD Group would be the groups flamboyantly homosexual secretary general, Emmanuel Bordez. If Mr Bordez was unavailable, one of the 6 other openly homosexual group staff would be happy to explain how they feared for their lives after being given senior jobs by people who wanted them dead because they are gay.

The Common Mans colleague Bob Pacific said sources in UKIP had confirmed that her claim was nonsense, and that it was bound to fail when the tribunal heard from people with considerably more experience of telling the truth than Ms Sinclaire.

Ms Sinclaire is currently the subject of an investigation into false expenses claims made since she became an MEP, and the Common Man understands her collar will shortly be felt by West Midlands Constabulary as the several OLAF investigations are now complete.

The Common Man is pleased to add the latest photograph of Ms Sinclaire, taken as she left the tribunal hearing, and clearly in festive mood. Ms Sinclaire is definitely not 'queer', just queer. And lesbian.

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