Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Andrew Edwards, BNP activist, naughty monkey and supporter of Ms Sinclaire

The Common Man has been made aware of the howls of protest which have emanated from Camp Sinclaire over an earlier posting which gave details of one of the OLAF complaints directed towards her.

The latest missive to arrive, from Mr Andrew Edwards, claims that Ms Sinclaire has been vindicated completely, and that the complaint is now closed.

In fact, the Common Man has learned that far from the matter being closed, it has actually been consolidated with two other existing complaints, both of which are currently with West Midlands police awaiting action. Expect to read news of Ms Sinclaires arrest in the near future for theft and false accounting.

Meanwhile, Mr Edwards is worthy of further investigation. When not masturbating like a gibbon in front of his computer, he is also a British National Party activist who was apparently summarily expelled from UKIP some years ago for his part in a plan to infiltrate UKIP ahead of the European elections in 2004.

The Common Man is pleased to attach below a photograph of Mr Edwards for future reference.It is believed that Mr Edwards had just finished a marathon session on his computer when the picture was taken.

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