Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A day of surprising sights on the campaign trail

The Common Man has been out on the campaign trail once again, and saw a very interesting meeting yesterday in Buckingham. While sipping a G&T in the White Hart, who should appear - miles from where they should have any business - but Nikki Sinclaire and Gary Cartwright, the liberal nazis. Surprising as that was, it was even more of a surprise to see incumbent and soon to be unemployed speaker of the Commons John Bercow enter with his campaign team shortly afterwards.

In a day of surprises, and just to top it all, they then all greeted each other cordially before the two elected members left together, with their entourages, out of the back door.

And so, revived, who should I see on my way back to the UKIP campaign office but Gary Cartwright and Mark Croucher shaking hands and chatting in the company of one of Bercows campaign team? The latter was next spotted deep in conversation with Annabelle Fuller in the campaign office.

The wheels within wheels of UKIP never leave me unsurprised.

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