Friday, 16 April 2010

Sinclaire, Beaman and the mad house

News reaches the Common Man of developments relating to the official UKIP forum, where dirty dealing are afoot.

Apparently, Nikki Sinclaire, Josh O'Nyons and the entire Sinclaire office have been barred from posting, with young Mr O'Nyons facing disciplinary action over his creation of multiple user IDs using UKIP membership numbers of people who were considered unlikely to use the internet.

After a sudden upsurge in the number of pro-Sinclaire posts, moderators took a look at the IP addresses of those posting under new identities. To nobodies particular surprise, although these people were supposed to be all over the country, they all seemed to have gone to Ms Sinclaires office specifically to post on the forum.

As user IDs are tied to UKIP membership numbers, calls were made to these new converts to Ms Sinclaires cause. Of four people called, none of them knew they were registered on the forum, and only one even knew of its existence. One didn't even own a computer, and had never used the internet in his life. All of them were horrified to find themselves supporting Ms Sinclaire.

This is not the first time this has happened. Ms Sinclaires postings frequently appeared from her Birmingham offices IP address while she was in Strasbourg, while whole threads of pro-Sinclaire postings were made with different identities but from the same IP address.

As Gregg 'Rosie' Beaman is now working for Ms Sinclaire, perhaps her office has been taking tips from him? Mr Beaman, for anyone who may have forgotten, has similar form as he voluntarily stood down as the north west lead candidate and salaried regional organiser after borrowing a prominent UKIP members laptop, posting vehemently anti-UKIP postings on the Democracy Forum under a false name, and then forgeting to delete them from the laptop when he handed it back.

The Common Man is not surprised to discover two things. That Ms Sinclaire, fresh from helping John Bercow in Buckingham last tuesday, has yet to demonstrate just how low she will sink to damage UKIP, and that she is gathering around her a witches brew of failed UKIP staff to help her campaign. It is lucky for UKIP that her and her ever shrinking band of followers are so incompetent. How long before she hires Mental Health Trust (patient representative) board member John West to continue her lunacy? At least he has first hand experience of a mad house.

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