Saturday, 17 April 2010

Solvej (Karla) Krause - undercover journalist - picture

The Common Man thought UKIP members might be interested in seeing the latest undercover journalist to have a go at getting into UKIP. We understand that Solvej (who called herself Karla) Krause applied to work as an intern, spending two weeks with UKIP in Brussels and Strasbourg. In return for the hospitality and friendship of UKIP staff and MEPs, she set up Stuart Agnew. Hardly surprising, as she was working with Sunday Times journalist Daniel Foggo. Foggo was the journalist who asked for an exclusive on UKIPs first big non-EU related story, and then in an act of staggering bad faith, handed it on a plate to the Tories. The picture is published here for the benefit of any others who may find themselves targetted. Foggo is a close friend of convicted felon Greg Lance-Watkins.


Anne Greig said...

You are filth! Stop Using mine and my daughter's name!

Anonymous said...

I can't see anyone called Grieg mentioned here. Perhaps if you used a real name it would be easier to work out what you are complaining about.