Sunday, 30 November 2008

Abbott updates

The Common Man thought it was time to return to the subject of David Abbott, the BNP donor recently expelled from UKIP for his role in disrupting an NEC meeting with an offer of an electoral pact with the BNP.

Mr Abbott insists that "I have never attended a meeting of the BNP" and "I spoke against the deal"

Mr Abbott, by his own admission, attended a Trafalgar Club fundraising dinner on at least one occasion, and met BNP leader Nick Griffin there. As the Trafalgar Club is the fundraising arm of the BNP, Mr Abbott has in fact attended a BNP meeting and even admitted to it in his attempt to silence criticism. The letter from Carter Ruck (marked not for publication to demonstrate their belief in free speech) to NEC member Douglas Denny said:

"In about 2000, our client went to a dinner of the Trafalgar Club."

Mr Abbott also claims to have spoken against the BNP deal offered to the NEC. Perhaps Mr Lance-Watkins could providethe transcript from his tape recordings of the bit where Misters Abbott and Edmonds were demanding 'lets hear the deal, lets hear the deal' as the rest of the NEC attempted to eject Mr Mottram.

Mr Abbott claims the he will not sue Mr Croucher for libel because he has no money. When his solicitors sent this letter to Mr Denny, Mr Croucher was UKIP communications director on a significant salary, so what was the excuse then? Perhaps he was concerned that there was more information to come to light?

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