Sunday, 2 November 2008

Gregg Beaman's mysterious departure

Now the dust has died down about Gregg Beaman's mysterious departure as both NW Regional Organiser and lead candidate, the truth is beginning to out. Strange to say it isn't found on Mr Beaman's own blog which gives his noble reasons for standing aside, and which has now stopped taking postings from anonymous users because their comments were getting a little close to the truth of the matter. Even libertarianism has its bounds at the edge of untrammeled free speech.

Sources close to the anti-UKIP movement within UKIP tell the Common Man that the real reason concerns an NEC member, a laptop and Democracy Forum. Users of Democracy Forum should take a look at postings by user name 'Rosie', who wrote "I saw how hard Greg Beaman worked when he formed the branch I was in, and two or three nearby ones", "Greg Beaman was certainly the popular choice when I left the North West over a year ago now, and I hear he still is as he has a long and solid track record".

The same forum spends some time discussing Mr Beaman's departure and how it was a conspiracy by the leadership to get rid of him because Paul Nuttall was the preferred choice for the number one slot in the North West.

It will be interesting to see how they react to the news that Rosie and Gregg Beaman are one and the same, gender confusion notwithstanding. This less than earth-shattering piece of news came to light when Mr Beaman returned a borrowed laptop, forgetting to remove the incriminating evidence first, and wasting all his hard work, time and effort in climbing the greasy pole as a regional organiser to get to the top of the list while at the same time attacking the leadership anonymously via a public forum and a series of contacts with people who are decidedly not UKIP's greatest fans. The subject of his attacks included then UKIP Chairman John Whittaker MEP, who was a staunch supporter of Mr Beaman's attempt to gain the number one slot on the list, and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, who was responsible for his paycheques.

The face saving formula of allowing Mr Beaman to resign quietly clearly isn't working, as the Common Man hears that his involvement with the anti-UKIP cause continues just as his vaguely worded blog entry leaves visitors with the impression that UKIP had done something wrong. How his opposition to UKIP taking seats in the European Parliament squares with the effort he put into gaining first place on the list is matter for others to discuss but there was no point of principle involved in using an MEP's allowance to send out a regional newsletter which was little more than a campaign mailshot or in using an alter-ego to sing his own praises.


Pith said...

Oh but this cannot be right. After all, Mr Beaman says in his blog on 8th November: "Now I have to admit to being a Luddite, still, when it comes to internet fora. I have only ever registered on two, one a football forum for Manchester United fans the other one for Ice Hockey fans, Manchester Phoenix specifically. To be honest they weren't really my cup of tea."

That surely settles the matter, doesn't it?

It is a remarkable coincidence that he should mention that fact just days after your own blog appeared but I am very happy to put the record straight.

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Anonymous said...

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