Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Surprising Popularity and honesty Lance-Watkins style

The Common Man was amazed to hear of a poll currently running on the Democracy Forum asking members whether proven BNP activist and anti-semite Mr Lance-Watkins (known there as Mr Liar-Watkins) should be allowed posting privileges after being banned for being less than truthful. Even more astonishing was that 21 people were in favour of his highly inaccurate, deliberately distorted ranting.

The reason soon became clear. The Common Man had to smile when an e-mail was received asking for our vote, and giving details of how to register as a forum user. At the same time, a new blog has appeared, which features on Mr Lance-Watkins new blog as a recommended link. Political Gossip UK which is only about UKIP and Mr Lance-Watkins has just two stories posted in the early hours of this morning. The first repeats Mr Lance-Watkins lies about UKIP in a Lance-Watkins style, while the second recommends that people vote for the restoration of Mr Lance-Watkins posting privileges on the Democracy Forum. There is no contact information for the blog, and Mr Lance-Watkins would never post anonymously, would he?

The Common Man notes that the Democracy Forum seems worried about posting times and typographical errors, particularly a member once labelled Old Mother Collier. Mrs Colliers conspiracy theory is that the error of typing 'yesterday' about last Mondays NEC meeting proves that the Common Man knew in advance that Dr Abbott, as Buster Mottram was being ordered from the room, would still be demanding to "hear the full deal" put on the table by an organisation he helped to fund, or that he would shout "Goodbye, UKIP" as he walked out. Or is Mrs Collier suggesting that the doctor is in on the plot too?

The Common Man had not long been awake when news reached him of the BNPs offer, and at 8am its easy to get confused about an event which happened at a time still 8 hours in the future in this time zone. Or did it? Tomorrow, the Common Man will be posting Friday's racing results.

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