Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mr Lance-Watkins and second hand goods

Welcome to the Common Mans 'sad & desperate' site, the highest indication of truth that Mr Lance-Watkins can bestow as it shows the nail has been hit well and truly on the head. And the Common Man continues to chortle at Mr Lance-Watkins dishonest attempt to link this site with UKIP officials. Perhaps his dishonest partner in smear Daniel Foggo will be able to help him track down the Common Mans identity?

After Mr Lance-Watkins self publication of his incomplete criminal record several weeks ago, he now accuses the Common Man of dishonesty when the blanks are filled in! Nobody will get far phoning a police station and asking for details of someone elses criminal record as he well knows, so his protestations of innocence and suggestion that people call Chepstow police station are as empty as the lies he peddles about anyone who dares to cross him. As 'any fule no', many grubby little second hand shops go to the wall because they don't bother to check whether what they sell belongs to someone else, and Mr Lance-Watkins tawdry little clearing house for stolen goods was no different in this respect. As a past victim of burglary, the Common Man can only sympathise with those who supplied his stock. Anyone who has bought goods from him in the past can have them returned to their rightful owners by contacting their local police station.

Perhaps this is why Mr Coleman will have nothing to do with him? It wouldnt do for a former senior policeman to consort with known criminals.

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