Saturday, 29 November 2008

Laughable, just laughable

The Common Man (or is it the Common Woman?) has enjoyed his holiday reading the almost defunct Democracy Forum as 35 infiltrators and leakers scrabble around trying to work out our identity. The Common Man's prize for the funniest attempt goes to the person who suggested that because MC reversed is CM, and because of the borrowed 'Liar-Watkins' name it is therefore irrefutable that Mark Croucher (who coined the latter) and the Common Man are one and the same. Or is it the Common Woman? Annabelle Fuller's name has also been mentioned in connection with this blog, despite its being written in the male third person. They can look after themselves but the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade shouldn't give up their day jobs.

Now there is a delicious irony in watching those who have leaked inside UKIP for many years worrying that their one-sided, heavily spun confections of lies are beginning to fall apart under the real truth.

Junius claimed to know the real reason for Greg Beamans resignation, but forgot to mention the incident with the laptop. Junius claimed to know in advance that Haslam, Edmonds and Abbott would be expelled from the NEC, but forgot to mention it would be in connection with a BNP infiltration plot. Junius claimed to know of a plot against Mr Coleman, but forget to mention that the plot was caused by Mr Colemans own politically naive words to a senior member of the Brussels press corps, and that Mr Towlers efforts were to spare Mr Coleman even more embarrassment. Junius claimed that Mr Warry would face disciplinary charges, when in fact UKIP have apparently declined to renew his membership, something they should have done when he was fired as head office manager for his bumbling incompetence.

Convicted criminal and professional receiver of stolen goods Mr Lance-Watkins claims that the absence of Misters Edmonds and Abbotts names from a BNP membership list were proof that they were not working for the BNP. How the Common Man chortled at such blatant disinformation! As if the three of them would be invited along to their local BNP branch meetings, their secret activism safe in the hands of a shaven headed, semi-literate BNP branch committee. It may not be Christmas yet, but surely worthy of a good 'ho, ho, ho'?

Speaking of Mr Lance-Watkins, is the Common Man the only one to notice his new found attitude towards the BNP after his earlier support for anti-semitism which can be found all over the internet and USENET groups? There is a definite sense of track-covering here as some of the posts quoted have now disappeared from some e-groups, with others being closed down and their archives deleted to remove his more extreme posts. Now the Common Man hears that he is soliciting money for the defence of his fellow BNP activists removed from their positions within UKIP. Caution should be exercised when handing over cash to a person with his criminal convictions for dishonesty, and perhaps to overcome this he has been recruiting others to handle the cash before passing it on to him. Embittered ex-chairman of UKIP Mrs Voelcker has declined to do so, perhaps because she so nearly had her fingers burned after leaking details of Mr Wises finances before remembering that she had tried to get some of the disputed money for herself. Mr Lance-Watkins friend Mr Foggo can confirm this.

The Democracy Forum itself is in danger of being closed down which has caused much claiming of free speech rights. How correct they are. On the internet there should be the perfect right to publish any unsubstantiated rumour, any vindictive gossip and any lie or half truth without the threat of legal sanction. How hypocritical they appear from the viewpoint of one who never posts there as they peddle their lies, as only days earlier they were claiming they would close down this blog for telling the truth.

The Democracy Forum has chosen to ignore the evidence of Mr Lance-Watkins successful attempt to rig the voting which allowed him back on, and perhaps by doing so has hastened its own demise. Why would this be? Democracy Forum owner Anthony Butcher perhaps had a skin too thin to be the butt of numerous Lance-Watkins emails just as his skin was too thin to stay on UKIPs NEC and work for the good of the party. Mr Croucher mentioned rumours that Mr Butcher was a Lib Dem plant but dismissed them, but the Common Man knows differently. That is a story for another day as the Common Man refocuses on British politics.

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Anonymous said...

This is embrassing delete this blog I am a ukip member and reading this its full of crap you are making us look stupid . stop trying to link the bnp with every thing that happens