Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bath, trains and automobiles

The Common Man hears that the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade all donned their anoraks to attend a steam train extravaganza in Bath a short while ago. Lead by one with considerable experience of trains, EU gravy trainer Peter Cole they were definitely not attending a meeting to thrash out plans to continue their campaign of disruption within UKIP. The Common Man had yet another chortle at the number of steam train anoraks who didn't meet in Bath. Geoffrey Kingscott, John Petley, Peter Cole, the list goes on and on. Was convict and receiver of stolen goods Mr Lance Watkins there as well or not to add the Griffin seal of approval?

The Common Man was interested to read Mr Coles comments denying any meeting took place and wonders if he would lie about this what else he is also being less than honest about? In fact, the Common Man has no need to wonder, because more information about Mr Cole is at hand and will appear here in the near future.

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