Saturday, 13 December 2008

Green Junius recycles old stories

The Common Man discovered while browsing the internet this morning that Junius seems to be recycling his old material. His latest posting on his blog is titled "Mark Croucher & Nigel Farage: the best of friends", and applauds Mr Farage for firing Mr Croucher.

Being struck by a sense of deja vu, the Common Man searched Democracy Forum, and found exactly the same 'information' posted on the 24th October under the title "Mark Croucher & his naughty mobile".

Is Junius keen to prove his green credentials by recycling old lies, or is it true that his sources of information have dried up now that his fellow BNP supporters have been removed from the NEC? Is Common Man alone in finding it strange if unsurprising that Junius has had nothing new to say since Misters Edmonds, Abbott and Haslam were removed from the NEC? It is certain that his accuracy has not improved because his story is as untrue now as it was then, apparently.


Anonymous said...

How sad that UKIP has stooped to the level of this blog. You are doing more to damage UKIP than the EU could ever do.

How seedy you have become!

Trixy said...

Yes, Common Man. How dare you want to tell the truth and counter the lies which the BNP and their supporters are pushing out to damage the party.

Fancy wanting to inform people that what they are being told in e-mails and meetings is a pile of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise. A comment from 'Trixy' supporting this crap. Just proves it's fabrication.

How is Nigel?