Friday, 12 December 2008

The Truth About Mr Haslam

The Common Man is getting bored of hearing how Mr Haslam was set up by UKIP, so the time has come for the full story to be aired.

A little birdy sings to us that Mr Haslam, who is a close friend of both BNP donor Mr Abbott and BNP emissary Mr Mottram, had been attempting to peddle stories to the media about financial impropriety in UKIP, particularly relating to Mr Farages personal finances. Mr Haslam was hoping to use the information garnered by Mr Abbott, who was paying a private investigator to hack Mr Farages accounts. Accusations were also made against Mr Collett who looks after UKIPs group finances in Brussels but so weak were the allegations and so unsupported by any facts that the journalist concerned declined to meet either Mr Mottram or Mr Haslam for lunch despite repeated invitations from both. They then suggested the journalist attend the meeting in Bournemouth which would begin the process of removing Mr Farage and so confident were they of this that they approached Lord Pearson to ask if he would assume the leadership of UKIP when Mr Farage was removed.

When Mr Haslams BNP plans failed to reach fruition he was left with only two choices. Either he could admit that he had contacted the media in an attempt to stab Mr Farage in the back or he could concoct a story which wouldnt expose his underhand dealings with the BNP brigade however unlikely that story might be. He chose the second course of action only because Mr Lance Watkins could be relied upon to shout it loudly despite knowing it was untrue, but what else would we expect from Mr Lance Watkins?

Only one question remains. The Common Man wonders which private individual would pay a significant sum of money to an individual to carry out an illegal act unless they were acting under instructions from others. Who is Mr Abbott working for? The BNP seems the most likely candidate.

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