Thursday, 18 December 2008

Major Disappointment

The Common Man hears of a major disappointment about to befall Niall Warry the sacked former UKIP head office manager and close associate of Mr Lance Watkins. After years of attacking the party from within he will now find himself attacking the party from without after UKIP decided not to renew his membership. The Common Man also hears that a similar fate will befall youtube star Mr West whose membership will be withdrawn.

The Common Man applauds this new spirit of common sense within UKIP in getting rid of those who clearly do not have the best interests of the party at heart. Junius, Mr Lance-Watkins and other BNP infiltrators will complain that the party is ditching democracy by streamlining its disciplinary processes. The Common Man can only chortle again when considering how often those who complain now quote Edmund Burke - 'for evil to prosper requires only that the good do nothing'. Doing nothing was allowing them to mock UKIP and everything it stands for and then use the disciplinary process to prevent action being taken against them, a lesson learnt from Mr Hockney in the now distant past. Congratulations to UKIP for ceasing to do nothing.

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