Friday, 12 December 2008

Plugging the leaks

The Common Man is not surprised to find that Junius, Mr Lance-Watkins and others have little to say about the contents of the last NEC meeting at the beginning of December.

It is now clear that despite protests of their innocence, Misters Abbott and Edmonds were leaking confidential information to the BNP inspired anti-UKIP brigade because as soon as they were rightfully removed, the sources of information seem to have dried up. Readers of Mr Abbotts tirades in which he protested his innocence of having links to the BNP will remember his outrage when it was claimed he supplied Mr Lance-Watkins with his information. But if he lied about this, what else has this duplicitous little man also lied about? The Common Man has seen the photographs taken at the BNP's Trafalgar Club dinner featuring Mr Abbott and Mr Griffin as they shook hands and understands that this connection continues to this day.

Mr Abbott in his defence has claimed that he gave money to lots of good causes. The Common Man wonders whether these good causes include the private investigator he paid to hack into UKIP Leader Nigel Farages personal finances in the hope of finding something that would discredit him? There is a lesson in this somewhere, and the Common Man thinks the lesson is not to commission an illegal act and then tell a journalist about it because some people have better sources than others!

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