Friday, 12 December 2008

Junius and Scotland

The Common Man learns that the brave but now strangely silent Junius, whose sources of information are rapidly drying up, is posting his nonsense from an IP address in Scotland.

The Common Man has spoken to several people who were in UKIP in 2004 when a similar round of scurrilous nonsense was spread across the internet also from an IP address in Scotland. On that occasion the guilty party was BNP IT Director Steven Blake. Lacking originality as they are, and with the BNP membership list posted across the internet by close associates of Mr Blake, are these events connected in some way?

The Common Man understands that Mr Blake and Mr Cotterill worked together to raise money for the BNP via BNP front organisation Civil Liberty. BNP Leader Nick Griffin was taped at an American Renaissance conference telling supporters to donate to Civil Liberty as a means of bypassing UK electoral law which forbids overseas donations. Which UKIP member is closely associated with these people? Mr Abbott donated money to Mr Cotterill, who ran the American Friends of the BNP. Mr Abbott attended American Renaissance conferences where he met Mr Griffin. Mr Cotterill invited Mr Abbott to a BNP fundraiser in the UK where he met Mr Griffin and Mr Blake. Now an anonymous poster is using the same tactics Mr Blake used in 2004 with information supplied by Mr Abbott and his chums, Mr Haslam and BNP emissary Mr Mottram. Mr Abbott has donated money to Civil Liberty.

Is the Common Man the only one to find such coincidences uncanny?

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