Friday, 19 December 2008

BNP good, UKIP bad bleats poor Mr Edmonds

After the failure of their BNP backed plot to oust UKIP leader Mr Farage, the Common Man is unsurprised to see Mr Edmonds and Mr Abbott posting their almost completely false version of events across the internet.

Mr Edmonds is now quoting Orwell ironically, the Common Man guesses as it was Misters Edmonds, Haslam and Abbott who were attempting the Big Brother moves on UKIPs leadership. It was Mr Abbott who employed a private investigator to snoop into Mr Farages private life and hack his bank account details. He does appear to have some things correct as UKIP will screen NEC candidates to ensure BNP infiltrators such as himself and Mr Abbott are denied the opportunity to cause more trouble within UKIP. The Common Man is not impressed by empty threats about libel suits as Mr Abbott has not bothered with those who unearthed and published the information about him. He even gave up on his pursuit of Mr Denny when it was shown that he had lied to his own solicitors about the extent of his contacts with the BNP. The Common Man has a copy of their letter which may appear here shortly.

What Mr Edmonds forgot to mention about Henley was that he had put a lot of work into ensuring that the SW did not support the by election campaign as did his fellow BNP supporter Mr Abbott. How they must have celebrated the result twice over! The BNP finished ahead of UKIP and they thought it would bring closer the day the deal could be done between the BNP and UKIP which Mr Farage so vigourously opposes.

The Common Man is certain that they will continue their disinformation campaign in the hope of causing as many splits in UKIP as possible ahead of the european elections next year. A good chortle can be had by all when the truth here is compared with the lies on Misters Edmond and Lance-Watkins blogs.

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