Sunday, 15 February 2009

3rd time unlucky for Mr Haslam

The Common Man was the first to break news of Mr Haslams meeting with BNP leader Nick Griffin

Thus the Common Man is hugely amused to see Junius and convicted receiver Mr Lance Watkins doing their best to wriggle their way out of having someone they have used as a principled man caught inviting activists to a meeting with Mr Griffin.

The Common Man is hugely amused to see their amateur attempts at spin now that they have been wrong footed. Do any readers really believe that this news would have appeared on either of their blogs had it not first been revealed here? Mr Lance Watkins already knew about the meeting long before it came to the Common Mans attention, as did Mr Edmonds, and emails between several in the anti UKIP brigade make this more than clear.

The Common Man will make this clear. Mr Haslam was involved in organising the West Sussex meeting along with BNP emissary Buster Mottram. He knew who would be present, but invited a number of senior UKIP activists knowing they would be addressed by the BNP leader. He deliberately concealed who would be present to ensure that they attended. Do not believe the lies that he innocently invited one person!

To conceal this, Mr Lance Watkins and Junius have returned to the subject of the Independent journalist who called Mr Haslam. The truth is different. Mr Haslam attempted to speak to a number of journalists and repeatedly bombarded the Independent with requests for a meeting. Mr Haslam was trying to peddle the story that during the UKIP conference in Bournemouth there would be a serious attempt to remove Mr Farage as UKIP leader. This meeting would have been lead by Mr Abbott and Mr Edmonds with whom Mr Haslam was acting in concert.

Fortunately the Independent had more sense than to believe this and the story rebounded on Mr Haslam as seen. The Common Man asks that readers ask themselves this. How unlucky would an innocent Mr Haslam have to be to be set up by the party leader, to have accidentally invited the BNP leaders personal emissary Mr Mottram to the NEC and then to have been innocently invited to a meeting at which the BNP leader was a guest speaker?


Anonymous said...

The BNP/Tory forum is full of the usual bullshit and this time they are spinning a line about Edmonds and the SW committee.
100% of the committee felt that Edmonds didn't belong and was simply there to stir up trouble as part of a strategy. No persuasion was needed and he didn't even have the balls to turn up.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

What forum are you referring to. It is true that he was de-selected from the UKIP candidates list, it is also true to say he wasn't present. It is also true to say the support was 100%.

Trixy said...

They're not still trying to say the Indy called them up, are they? Sad fuckers and such a porkie as my I can certify. Blimey, they didn't even know who the loser was before they called me up.