Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mr Lance Watkins stretches the truth beyond credibility

The Common Man is amused to see Mr Lance Watkins stretching the truth beyond all credibility in his attempt to defend Mr Haslams meeting with BNP Leader Nick Griffin.

According to Mr Lance Watkins:

Version 1; Mr Haslam went to no meeting attended by Mr Griffin

Version 2; Mr Haslam attended a meeting organised by Mr Griffins personal emissary to UKIP Buster Mottram but Mr Griffin was not present

Version 3; Mr Haslam innocently attended a meeting at which Mr Griffin was present, but had not invited anyone to attend

Version 4; Mr Haslam attended a meeting at which Mr Griffin was present, and had innocently invited one person along

The Common Man still awaits the truth which is

Version 173; Mr Haslam and Mr Mottram organised a meeting for Mr Griffin to meet UKIP activists and recruit them to the BNP

The Common Man is aware that Mr Lance Watkins as a personal friend of Mr Griffin has an interest in concealing the circumstances of the meeting because they were so similar to his own attempts to get an audience of UKIP activists before Mr Griffin. Regular readers will remember how anti-semitic Mr Lance Watkins invited a number of UKIP activists for a weekend at the Huntsman in 2002 without telling them that he had also invited Mr Griffin. The Common Man can only assume that after so much exposure to apartheid it is only natural for Mr Lance Watkins to find common ground with such people.

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