Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Mr Lance Watkins legal wishful thinking

Regular readers will know of the Common Mans inability to read Mr Lance Watkins blog with a straight face, and this mornings offerings were the best yet.

Mr Lance Watkins, whose experience of the judicial system is normally to hear guilty verdicts against him on such diverse charges as receiving stolen goods and firearms offences, was commenting on John Wests attempts to 'hold UKIP to account'.

In Mr Lance Watkins words Mr West had " irrefutable documentary provenance displaying the guilt of EUkip and have numerous sworn affidavits and letters of support for the Judge/Courts makes the case all the more compelling....numerous witnesses both of fact and precedent makes their case even more compelling and that they have Party Officers, Celebrity and MEPs on their side leaves EUkip and the petty vindictive behaviour of the corrupt and insecure, childish and very foolish little Farage look like the clown he is "

So how did the district judge view this doomsday for UKIP? His words say it far more eloquently than the Common Man could.

District Judge Bazley White described Mr Wests case as 'an abuse of the small claims process and a waste of the courts time' and described UKIP as 'having no case to answer'. He also rubbished the idea of sending the matter for judicial review and dismissed the case out of hand.

The Common Man wonders if Mr Lance Watkins (who always apologises for any factual errors) will now apologise for suggesting that UKIP had done anything wrong, and agree with the District Judge who said in exonerating UKIP of any wrongdoing that Mr West was 'petty, vindictive and misguided..... making numerous allegations which have no legal basis and which abuse the process of the courts'.

The Common Man understands that Mr Lance Watkins own court date is fast approaching when he will answer yet more dishonesty charges in relation to theft of copyright. Is the Common Man alone in finding it strange that Mr Lance Watkins fails to mention the legal actions he is facing for dishonesty charges like this?


Anonymous said...

Looks as if this has 'Gone West'!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

As I said from the outset, the courts would view this in exactly the way they have. I do indeed wait for GLW's spin.

Steve Fowler's Blog. said...

At the end of the day John West saw the MEP candidate paper and the bit that says no refund if becoming a candidate but did he take note once he did not make the list and demanded his money back??, no from the sounds of it.