Friday, 6 February 2009

The excuses keep on coming

The Common Man was hugely amused to read the latest drivel from the keyboard of convicted thief and proven liar Mr Lance Watkins.

Mr Haslams meeting was apparently not organised by Mr Haslam! What a surprise that will be to those he invited! Mr Haslam did not know that BNP leader Nick Griffin was going to be there! He was set up! And this was at a meeting where Buster Mottram, Mr Griffins personal emissary to UKIP, was speaking.

Compare this to the case of Mr Abbott, who innocently went along to a Trafalgar Club dinner after donating money to the BNP and being personally invited by the former AFBNP organiser, and guess who was there? Nick Griffin! No, really! He really didn't know!

The Common Man has been asked for proof that Mr Edmonds was aware of this. That is difficult to give without exposing sources, so the Common Man can only say that you know a man by his friends, and if his friends keep on accidentally bumping into Mr Griffin.....

The coincidences just keep on coming, and the Common Man laughs harder and harder. How stupid does Mr Lance Watkins think his readers are?


Bob Feal-martinez said...

How think are GLW's readers:, Isn't that an oxymoron.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Or should it be 'stupid' sorry.

The Surly Beaver said...

Common Man - it is slanders like this that show you and the people you serve to be total fuckwits and turn many ordinary UKIPers against the leadership.

I've met Martin on occasion and given that he and his wife seem to like my wife (who is not caucasion) and my son (who is mixed race), it's unlikely that they are rabid BNP supporters.

Furthermore I have friends in UKIP who have known Martin for many years and also know him to not be a BNP supporter. When you and your masters libel him in this manner all you do is turn these people against you.

Keep at it you'll find that many people who formerly supported the party leadership will quit in disgust.