Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gawain Towler and Mr Lance Watkins fascination with his genitalia

The Common Man is hugely amused by Mr Lance Watkins apparent fascination with Mr Towlers genitalia which he displays by posting a picture which he claims shows Mr Towlers todger at the slightest excuse.

Leaving to one side questions of whether this, along with Mr Lance Watkins raging homophobia, is a beard for his repressed homosexuality, the Common Man has to break some bad news.

Mr Towlers todger is - and how shall we put this delicately - slightly more semitic in appearance than the penis picture about which Mr Lance Watkins clearly has a voyeuristic fetish. The Common Man understands it is a fetish which is shared by many in the senior ranks of the BNP.

The Common Man understands that Mr Towler would cheerfully drop his trousers to prove that like all artists his wife uses models. Just not in arms reach of Mr Lance Watkins.

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Bob Feal-martinez said...

GLW gets more bizarre by the day. Mind you so does his Puppet Niall Wary, MajorRet'd.

Nialls posts on BDF are now roundly criticised by even supporters of the anti Farage movement, says it all really.

Niall apparently knew the Swindon meeting would achieve nothing, but he supported anyway, not enough to go mind you.