Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wests to display integrity and resign over breach of rules?

It was interesting (although rather tedious) to read the latest overly long rant about the Suffolk Coastal branch from the Wests, this one signed by Mrs Alison West.

It was truly fascinating to read

"John was re-elected as Branch Secretary and also as Treasurer. I was elected as Chairman. "

Unfortunately, this is contrary to party standing orders and the rules for branches which specifically state that husband and wife members can not occupy the position of Treasurer and either Chairman or Secretary simultaneously. This is to prevent the type of breach of trust where a husband and wife conspire, for example, to misuse branch funds in sending untrue, unauthorised and libellous letters to local members in pursuit of a personal vendetta.

The current position of the Suffolk Coastal branch is that its committee is improperly constituted. As Mr and Mrs West are so keen on the letter of the law I await their resignations in the interests of natural justice and decency and the surrender of all branch documents to the last legally elected chairman, Mr Whitmore. As legal Chairman, I am sure he would be justified in excluding Mr and Mrs West from standing in the next election of officers, as they have demonstrated that they are ignorant of the rules necessary to conduct a branch in proper order.

Should they not resign, what value can be placed on their statements that they are campaigners for truth, openness and honesty if they feel they are able to disregard party standing orders when it suits them? Imagine people connected with upstanding people like convicted receiver and BNP activist Mr Lance Watkins being guilty of blatant hypocrisy!

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