Saturday, 7 February 2009

Mr Lance Watkins to lose his (black) shirt

The Common Man has been busy digging around to find more details of the court case against Mr Lance Watkins, convicted thief and proven liar that he is.

It turns out via an exchange on the Democracy Forum that Mr Lance Watkins is being sued by Mr Croucher for his use of copyrighted images on his libellous blog. The Common Man understands that the British National Party are also being sued for a similar copyright infringement.

The Common Man understands that both Mr Lance Watkins and Mr Griffin were given the opportunity to remove the images from their websites and pay a license fee up to the date Mr Croucher became aware they were there. They were also informed that if they did not do so, the charge for the use of the images would rise from the normal license charge for unauthorised use, 3 x the NUJ rate, to £ 75 per day per image per use, and that failure to remove the images would imply tacit consent to this charge.

It is understood that the BNPs outstanding amount is now up to around £4500 while Mr Lance Watkins amount is around £ 14000.

The Common Mans friends in the legal profession suggest that their failure to remove the images when copyright was claimed leaves them wide open to this increased charge. The offer was made, and the contined use of the photographs implied acceptance thus forming a contract. The Common Man also understands that Mr Croucher may have the backing of his union in bringing this action.

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