Friday, 6 February 2009

Disaster in Brussels lecture by Pharisee

The Common Man notices with much amusement that John Petley is giving a speech at the snappily named UK Renewal Association Ltd meeting tomorrow titled Disaster in Brussels.

Is the Common Man alone in thinking the speech must be autobiographical? After all, Mr Petley is the man who boasted to friends in the Tory party by email about passing on deliberately misleading research to UKIP MEPs while employed by the Inddem group. When given a position of considerable trust and responsibility he chose to betray that trust in an attempt to cause political embarassment to those who gave him his position.

The Common Man wishes the UKRAL good luck with such recruits to their cause as they will most certainly need it. Anyone who would betray their responsibilities once would clearly have no problem in betraying them twice.

The Common Man also understands that Mr Petley belongs to that rabid wing of fundamentalist christianity so beloved of many on UKIPs lunatic fringe. It is fortunate then that the biblical commandment to not bear false witness included (as any fule no) a special derogation for those who work against UKIPs leadership. It doesnt? The Common Man can only assume that Mr Petleys talk will be as hypocritical as the actions of any biblical Pharisee.

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