Thursday, 5 February 2009

Butcher, Holdsworth-Voelcker and crocodile tears

The Common Man is hugely amused to see former UKIP Chairwoman Petrina Holdsworth-Voelcker praising the abilities of Democracy Forum owner Anthony Butcher. How things change over time, as the Common Man understands that as chairwoman she spent a considerable amount of time attempting to sideline Mr Butcher during his time on the NEC.

Apparently Ms Holdsworth and then UKIP leader Roger Knapman were in agreement that Mr Butcher should be given a job which was impossible to do. This would then give UKIP an opportunity to fire Mr Butcher very publicly for failing to fulfil an appointed task - not mentioning that the task was designed to be impossible. The Common Man understands that a number of senior staffers within UKIP argued against this approach, preferring instead to bring Mr Butcher 'onside'. The Common Man is aware that such an argument was bound to be defeated as Mr Butcher, a close friend of Lib Dem Bromley candidate Ben Abbotts, was parachuted into UKIP after the 2004 elections by a Liberal Democrat party desperate to undermine UKIP following their drubbing at UKIPs hands.

In the end, the question made no difference as Mr Butcher made no pretence of even trying to act as UKIPs national policy coordinator as that would have conflicted with his instructions from Lib Dem HQ. Instead he directed his energies into the Forum, and excellent tool for publishing BNP propaganda about UKIP.

The Common Man is unsurprised to hear that he is now off to the pro-EU Libertas party. From a Lib Dem point of view, they are a much more serious threat to their core vote than UKIP as many Europhile Lib Dems agree that serious reform of the EU is needed. Unfortunately, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg disagrees so an agent is needed in place to ensure that the threat from Libertas is minimalised. Meanwhile, the Democracy Forum remains in place to smear anyone who supports UKIP publicly. Clearly the Lib Dems are determined to get their moneys worth from Mr Butcher and are splitting their egg between several baskets.

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Thanks for making me laugh Mark.