Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mr Lance-Watkins being sued?

The Common Man understands that Mr Lance Watkins will shortly have his day in court as news breaks that a former UKIP staffer is sueing him for copyright infringements.

Paperwork was apparently submitted on the 17th January to a County Court claiming damages and costs after Mr Lance Watkins used copyrighted images on his blog and then ignored warning letters by failing to remove them.

The Common Man is still trying to discover who the plaintiff is and what court will hear the case. What is clear is that the amount claimed is substantial and could well bankrupt Mr Lance Watkins, a discharged bankrupt and convicted thief, again. As most of the images in question were apparently scanned from Independence News, the Common Man can only assume that the plaintiff is either a past editor or contributor to UKIPs inhouse newsletter. Most likely candidates are John Harvey, Mark Croucher or Adrian Lithgow.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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