Saturday, 7 February 2009

To make it simple for Mr Edmonds

The Common Man feels the need to make it simple for Mr Edmonds who despite his claimed qualifications seems unable to understand plain English.

His list of signatories includes two people with clear and proven links to the BNP and its leader Mr Griffin in the persons of Mr Haslam and Mr Abbott. How many times do people have to accidentally meet Mr Griffin before Mr Edmonds realises he is being taken for a ride? Once would suffice for most people, but not he. Why Mr Abbott has met Mr Griffin so many times that he cant remember them all which must be why his story changes so often. The first time was at a meeting of white supremecists in the US.

His signatory list also includes several people who Mr Butcher has been telling people are about to join Libertas as candidates.

Mr Edmonds dishonest letter is not a group of UKIP members telling people to vote against a constitutional amendment. It is a group of 2 BNP associates and 5 Libertas party potential candidates stirring up trouble for UKIP before they jump ship. Could it be revenge because Libertas can not be called Libertas in the UK as UKIP owns its name? Is Libertas already happy to use BNP supporters and donors to try and damage its electoral opposition?

Mr Edmonds will this afternoon be sharing a platform with one BNP supporter, Mr Haslam. This should tell everyone everything they need to know about the UK Renewal Association Ltd as Mr Edmonds was well aware of the meeting Mr Haslam organised for Mr Griffin to speak to UKIP members in West Sussex. Why not ask him, but don't expect the truth.

The Common Man is amused that Mr Edmonds threatens libel action against this blog and condemns the anonymity of its authors but has no complaint about Junius who he uses to spread his own lies.

The Common Man can give every assurance to readers of this blog that its contents are true and factual as has been proven many times. The Common Man can also see the transparent hypocrisy of Mr Edmonds who condemns truthful blogs because they expose his self seeking nature and supports those fronts for the BNP which help him reach his goal regardless of the truth.

Ambition is a terrible thing Mr Edmonds most particularly when it is greater than an individuals ability. Why did you leave the Bank of England again? The Common Mans sources suggest your version may not have been entirely truthful.

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Bob Feal-martinez said...

I have asked Mr Edmond three times now if he intends to leave UKIP for Libertas, but he has failed to answer.

Surely as a UKIP candidate on the SW list he should have the integrity he claims, and tell us.